Date: January 2019
Author: Inspector Z

This year, Chinese new year will fall on Tuesday February 5th. And it’s the year of the pig. Recently we wrote about the Flor de Selva Year of the Pig and we just learned that the cigar is available in Switzerland now in a very limited quantity.

Maya Selva only made nine hundred boxes of the Year of the Pig, and twenty of them have been allocated to Switzerland. The cigars are made in Honduras with a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. The binder comes from Jalapa, Nicaragua and the wrapper comes from Jamastran, Honduras. The vitola is a toro, sized 6×52 and they have a price tag of 22 CHF.

The Chinese New Year, or spring festival as it’s also called, is not on a set date. It’s connected to the solar calendar, and the festivities take up to fifteen days. CNY has still a strong traditional value, praying to ancestors and gods, and scaring away monsters by lighting firecrackers at midnight. The fireworks tradition has spread to the rest of the world too. Fake money and fake gold bars are burned in honour of the deceased loved ones, as it will bring good luck to their ancestors in the afterlife. The CNY is responsible for the largest human migration in the world, as family reunion is very important. More people travel to family in (other parts of) China, than pilgrims travel to Mekka for the hadj. In Chinese neighbourhoods, you will see a lot of red decorations, new clothes are worn on New Years day for good luck, preferably red. And you’ll become a year older, for example, if you turn 31 in September, a Chinese will say he’s 31 after CNY, even though on the Gregorian calendar he or she is still 30. The festivities end with the Lantern Festival at the first full moon.

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