Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

First International Fast Smoke Competition in Cigaragua. Sasja van Horssen, owner of the Cigaragua and Van Dalen cigar shops in The Netherlands just posted on facebook that he’s organizing an event at Cigaragua on Saturday, June 22nd.

Now we heard about ‘long ash’ competitions. We even participated in the Cigar Smoking World Championship where it’s all about slow smoking. And to be innovative he decided to go the other way around. He doesn’t care about the ashes. He doesn’t want you to smoke a cigar as slow as possible. He’s a sales guy, he wants you to smoke fast and more. So that’s what this competition is about. The worlds first international fast smoking competition.

The price of entry is €13,50. And that’s exactly the price of the cigar that contenders will be smoking. Dutch law prevents discounts on tobacco, so Van Horssen has to charge that price. That cigar is the Asylum 13 8×80. And the goal is to smoke that cigar to the nub in the shortest time possible. 

So sign up, mail to to secure your spot. The competition starts at 1 PM sharp. We do not have a gambling permit, so we can’t act as a bookmaker but leave a comment below with a guess of the winning time. Show your Nostradamus skills. And we will send one of our cigar stands to the person with the time closest to the winner.

Ministry of Cigars First International Fast Smoke Competition
Asylum 13 cigars (photo credit: 2 guys cigars)

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  1. Great idea! Should be fun

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