Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Fine & Rare for Switzerland. The 2019 edition of the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare is coming to Switzerland. The Alec Bradley distributor for the Central European country is asking Swiss retailers to pre-order the cigars. That way, Alec Bradley knows exactly how many boxes to reserve for the Swiss market.

Alec Bradley Fine & Rare

The Fine & Rare is an annual release by Alec Bradley. It’s limited to 2500 numbered boxes of 10 cigars. The boxes are a piece of art itself, the individual cigars levitate in a special cigar holder. And the rings provide a lot of information. That includes the name of the rollers, the week it was produced, the number of cigars produced that week and more. And the supervisors and quality control have their signatures on the ring.

But this year there is more. This year the ring will include the signature and a picture of David Rubin. David Rubin is the father of Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin and the grandfather of Alec & Bradley Rubin. He passed away last year, November 15. And as a tribute to his father, Alan Rubin wanted the signature and the image of David Rubin on the ring. The cigars are released exactly a year after his passing away, on November 15.

Switzerland release

The Limited Edition cigars will arrive in Switzerland at the end of December 2019. It’s a 6¼x54 box-pressed Toro sized cigar. The name is HOF/506. All that Alec Bradley has revealed is that the cigars contain tobacco from 10 countries, as they do every year. And that the wrapper is a Honduran Trojes.

The Swiss Alec Bradley distributor, The Royal Cigar Company, has set the price at 320 CHF for a box of 10 cigars. That’s the same price as last year’s version. 

Ministry of Cigars - Fine & Rare for Switzerland
Alec Bradley Fine & Rare RS10=(68) Limited Edition 2018

We reviewed the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare RS10=(68) earlier this year. That was the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare Limited Edition for 2018


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