Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Exclusive Zone Lounge Bucharest opening. On September 25th, Exclusive Distributions, a premium cigar distributor in the Eastern European country of Romania, will be opening their first lounge: Exclusive Zone Lounge. The lounge is located at Paris Street no 59A, district 1, Bucharest. The opening will be for VIP guests only and will include special guests.

After the opening night, the lounge will be open for cigar aficionados from Romania and visitors from all over the world. Exclusive Zone Lounge is professionally designed, it is a high-class, elegant, luxurious lounge, where you can enjoy premium cigars along with fine spirits and sophisticated menus. The new Exclusive Zone Lounge offers a unique experience in the alluring world of cigars, in an original composition of the space featuring inside and outside space, along with a shop from where the clients can purchase cigars and additional products. Exclusive Zone Lounge is a new concept on the Romanian market and provides an environment where customers and VIP members can have access to premium and boutique cigars.

 The guests

During the opening night, the renowned musicians Mr. Sax and A.G. Weinberger will provide live music. Mr. Sax is a Romanian musician who will bring some nice jazz to the event. A.G. Weinberger is a Romanian blues guitar player, lap steel guitarist, bandleader, vocalist and record producer. Weinberger wrote scores on 19 theatre plays for Romanian theatre companies. But they are not the only guests. Reinhold Widmayer, the chief editor for Cigar Journal and no other than Rocky Patel will be there to officially open the Exclusive Zone Lounge in Bucharest.

Ministry of Cigars - Exclusive Zone Lounge Bucharest opening
Rocky Patel

Exclusive Distributions

The company Exclusive Distributions brings a few brands of premium handmade cigars and accessories to the Romanian cigar aficionados. They are the sole distributors for Rocky Patel, Gurkha, A.J. Fernandez, and Plasencia Cigars. But they are also the exclusive distributors for Adorini and Cigar Oasis accessories for Romania.

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