Date: December 2009
Author: Cigar Inspector

European Cigar Cult Journal - US Edition

Just a short note to let you know that a special edition of the European Cigar Cult Journal mag, written specially for the American market, is now available at tobacconists across the country. The good part (and the reason of this post) is that you can read the magazine for free. It contains some interesting articles; the ones I enjoyed the most are the interview with Imperial Tobacco and the article about pairing champagne with cigars.

Read it online here

2 thoughts on “European Cigar Cult Journal – US Edition

  1. Have enjoyed this magazine since I first obtained the 2005 Edition and have found more issues through Cigarmony. A GREAT and spectacularly well designed, colorful, exhaustive research & entertainment cigar, watch, pipe and industry magazine!

  2. I’m very excited about this magazine coming stateside.

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