November 2020

Episode 29: The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show. Philip & Ferdy sit down with agricultural engineer, author, and cigar manufacturer Didier V Houvenagel from DH Cigars. The lads chat about cigars, aging of tobacco leaves, and rolled cigars. All the while smoking an unreleased, double aged, La Ley Reserva 2017 Lancero from Houvenaghel’s personal collection. The cigars are waiting for a release at the end of this year. The cigars will be available in jars and in refill aging boxes. Those that purchase a jar are allowed to purchase refill boxes.

Soil to Soul

Houvenaghel is the author of the most comprehensive book on tobacco and cigars. From the seed to the finished product. With his academic background, he is able to go deep into the matter without making it hard to understand for the average Joe. He’s working on a revised version of the book, digging even deeper into certain subjects. Once the book is ready, Ministry of Cigars will do a series of videos with Didier where we highlight and discuss certain chapters from the book.

The chat with Didier covered pairings and how your mood affects you. But also aging and double aging. With double aging, the tobacco is aged, and then the cigars are aged again after rolling. It is a very interesting concept, but you have to see the video for yourself. During the video, we cross subjects from other episodes, such as the episode at Cigar Bar KL where we smoked the Nicaragua Reserva Especial. And the episode where we paired durian with the Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft. Plus the hilarious episode with the fake Romeo y Julieta cigar that Philip tried to purge. The personalized Henk Minibone made an appearance. As well as our editorial thank you to Fidel Castro and the current state of Cuban cigars. Jose Blanco, whom we interviewed, got a mention as well.

The team 

The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show airs on the Ministry of Cigars Facebook page every other Friday at 3 PM SGT, or UTC +8. But the videos are available to see after that as well. The show hosts are Philip Phajan and Ferdinand Piet. Production is in the hands of Iz Rush. Guests appear on the Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show regularly, either in person or on Zoom. 

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