Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Epic Cigars returning to The Netherlands. And the brand is also coming to Sweden. In a chat with Dean Parsons, owner of Epic, he mentioned finding distribution in both The Netherlands and the Scandinavian country.

Epic had to reinvent itself. Parsons found a new partner with Nat Cicco cigars. Both brands are now working together when it comes to distribution in the United States. But Parsons could not tell if Nat Cicco is coming to the international markets as well. 

Returning to The Netherlands

In the same period when Epic was restructuring the company, the brand’s distributor in The Netherlands left the distribution part of the industry. Cigar Agent Wim Sanders decided to focus on his consulting company, helping cigar manufacturers to register their brands in the European Union. Kelch Trading took over much of his portfolio, but for some reason unknown to us, Epic was not included. Parsons was happy to announce that he sat down with Mariska Kelch and that distribution would resume soon.

Because of the restructuring of the company, Epic didn’t have the time nor the focus to create new blends and lines. So there were no new products at the trade show. But, as Parsons told us, he is working on an Epic Nicaragua. That would be the first Epic cigar not produced at the Charles Fairmorn factory in the Dominican Republic. All other Epic lines hail from the factory, which is also known for the production of Kristoff cigars. The project is in the early stages, so Parsons could not get into any details yet.


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