Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

A few years ago, the Dutch distributor Longfiller Company, introduced the cigars from Ernesto Perez Carrillo on the Dutch market. But after just a year, the cooperation between the two companies ended and since then EPC cigars haven’t been for sale in The Netherlands.

Recently, while video reviewing the Balmoral Dueto Robusto, we predicted that Royal Agio would pick up the brand and add it to their portfolio, next to their own Balmoral cigars, Drew Estate, and La Flor Dominicana. But no, it’s actually Gajane Benelux that picked up the brand.

It’s unclear weather Gajane will just distribute the brand in The Netherlands or that they will also be responsible for the distribution in Belgium and Luxembourg. The companies are still in talks on which lines should be introduced to The Netherlands, as soon as we learn more, we will update.


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