Date: July 2023
Author: Inspector Y

The famous humidor builder, Elie Bleu, and Oliva, one of the world’s most renown cigar producers, join forces for a project that will stun aficionados. From 2023 up till 2025, Elie Bleu will each year build a rare collector’s item, a humidor that is an exact replica of an existing place that contributes to the Oliva story. The first humidor, representing Tabolisa 1, was presented at the PCA Convention in Las Vegas on July 8th at 1 p.m. sharp, by Oliva owner Mr. Fred Vandermarliere and Elie Bleu CEO Laurent Fusch.

Oliva prides itself in four generations of craftsmanship. It is determined to continue to build its legacy on the unmatched quality of artisan and hand-made premium products. To further pursue this quest, Oliva is partnering up with Elie Bleu, the Paris-based humidor builder famous worldwide for luxurious, hand-made casings.


For this project, a marvelous piece of woodcarving in true ‘marqueterie’-style will be both exclusive humidor and exact replica of Tabolisa 1, the production unit Oliva built in Estelí, Nicaragua to become the embodiment of Oliva’s perfectionist philosophy, controlling, nurturing and optimizing the process from seed to cigar. No more than 123 of these casings will be released.

Inside the exceptionally detailed casing, the cigar aficionado will find a set of 123 premium quality items that are emblematic to the standards Oliva holds. 41 Serie V Melanio Figurado, 41 Serie V Torpedo, 41 Serie V Maduro Double Robusto guarantee hours and days of unrivaled tasting experiences. A treasure and travel box for the senses.


To launch this prestigious project, Oliva organized an official disclosure of this rare object at the PCA Convention in Las Vegas. Mr. Laurent Fusch, CEO of Elie Bleu, and Mr. Fred Vandermarliere, owner of Oliva, jointly presented the result of this first collaboration. Both gentlemen commented on the background of this extraordinary partnership and on the idea behind the trilogy.

Mr. Vandermarliere: “Oliva has always been about much more than just cigars. It is about every aspect of a passion, about how to experience that passion each time again in a way that celebrates the heritage with rekindled joy. To partner up with the best humidor builder in the world is a tribute to what the brand Oliva stands for. I’m happy we launched part one and I’m already looking forward to parts two and three.

Mr. Fusch: “Oliva is among those rare cigars that true aficionados worship. Because of its quality, but also because of its philosophy and its journey. We are proud to become part of that journey through this project, to write a chapter in the history of the craft together. This collaboration gives us at Elie Bleu lots of energy and satisfaction. We can hardly wait to reveal the plans for the next two humidors.”

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