Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

El Viejo Continente launches Mare Nostrum. The company also expands its distribution to six new countries. The Circus line gets a Maduro lancero. And there is also a very beautiful, wooden travel humidor in top quality leather bags. That’s in short what El Viejo Continente showcased at Intertabac this year.

El Viejo Continente Mare Nostrum

Daniel Guerrero from El Viejo Continente found the inspiration for this new cigar right outside his house. He lives in Barcelona, Spain. From his house, he can see the Mediterranean Sea. The cigar is made at American Caribbean Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. For the blend, tobaccos from Brazil, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic are used. The line will be available in three sizes. The first one is a 5½x56 Toro, the second one is a 4¾x56 Robusto Extra. And there is also a 4¾x50 Robusto available.

In 2014, Daniel Guerrero launched Circus Cigars, a new line with cigars named after circus professions. But with a double meaning, as the names stand for all the people that are involved in the project as well. Those are the Magician, which represents the ingenuity of the team. The Harlequin represents the fact of always wanting to make it – whatever happens. The Twister represents the know-how of the master blenders. And the Canon stands for the explosion of flavors. But now there is a new size, a Maduro lancero. It represents the trapeze rope, which is difficult to pass.

Expanding distribution

El Viejo Continente will be available in a few more countries soon. Distributors from Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Austria have expressed they want to carry El Viejo Continente in their markets. But it’s not just Europe that will get the chance to smoke the new El Viejo Continente cigars. The company is entering the American market as well and reached an agreement with a distributor in Thailand.

And then there are the travel humidors. Full cedar wood humidors with Boveda packs and an electronic hydrometer. Both the humidors and the leather bags are handmade in Italy of the highest quality resources available. The leather bag, which is available in two colors, has plenty of space for all accessories needed. And the humidor itself can hold more than enough cigars for a vacation.

Ministry of Cigars - El Viejo Continente Mare


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