September 2018

El Viejo Continente goes Dutch. Another brand is coming to The Netherlands. This time we can announce that the new distributor De Sigarenman is bringing El Viejo Continente to The Netherlands. We reached out and De Sigarenman promises to keep us updated on when the cigars arrive. And on what sizes he will distribute and what the prices are.

El Viejo Continente is a Nicaraguan brand, owned by Daniel Guerrero and the brand is gaining popularity. The name pops up more and more on the internet, and soon the Dutch cigar enthusiasts can try the cigars at their local cigar lounge.

El Viejo Continente

Guerrero is responsible for starting El Viejo Continente a few years ago. The brand is currently available in three blends. Those are Connecticut, Classic, and Maduro. At Intertabac 2018 El Viejo Continente releases a new line called Circus. The name of this new range “Circus” is a tribute to all the people who participated in this project. There are 4 varieties. All with a link to the team.

The “Magician” (grand robusto) represents the ingenuity of the whole team. The Harlequin (Robusto) represents the fact of always wanting to make it. Whatever happens! Then there is the Twister. This figured represents the know-how of the blenders. The Canon is a Gordo. That particular size stands for the final shoot. An explosion of flavors.

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