Date: June 2023
Author: Inspector Y

El Septimo announced that it will be releasing 30 new limited-edition cigar accessories, all in extension to its best-selling lines of cigars, the Sacred Arts and Emperor Collections.  This will include 7 new triple-torch lighters and 6 new soft dual-flame lighters jointly designed between El Septimo and ST Dupont, as well as 7 new high-end cigar cutters and ashtrays. Only 500 pieces of each new limited-edition piece will be produced, and orders will only be taken at the upcoming PCA show. The company will also introduce 3 new bejewelled ashtrays, with nothing close to them having ever been created before. Each ashtray will retail for $10 mm. El Septimo continues to showcase its powerhouse imagination and creativity by introducing products that excite consumers and elevate the industry.  Now our question is, who needs a 10 million dollar ashtray and why? Can we please stop this ridiculousness?

“The industry needs a collection of luxury products that work well and excite consumers. We saw the need for this and over the last few years, our design team in Paris has been working around the clock to create these beautiful products. We wanted to show the industry what bright minds can do and create an excitement that forces this 200-year-old industry to respond and elevate itself, and not just continue creating boring products or cigars that taste alike,” says Zaya Younan, CEO of El Septimo Geneva.

“During the last three years that we have entered the U.S. market, we have introduced 20 new lines of cigars and 45 new lines of cigar accessories.  We are excited about the growth ahead of us and now we know exactly what good we can do for this industry. In the end, consumers will benefit from our creativity and hard work,” finishes Younan.

The new accessories are produced after El Septimo’s best-selling lines, the Sacred Arts and Emperor Collections. Under the Sacred Arts Collection, accessories will be designed after “Van Gogh” and “Raphael,” and under the Emperor Collection, accessories will be dedicated after Emperors Augustus, Napoleon, Alexander, Yao and Vartan, a new line dedicated after the great ancient ruler of Armenia. The new lines of accessories are to include the following:

• There will be 7 new torch lighters, which include 5 after the Emperor Collection: Emperors Augustus, Napoleon, Yao, Alexander, and Emperor Vartan. 2 lighters part of Sacred Arts Collection: Van Gogh and Raphael. The lighters retail at $250 each.
• There will be 7 new matching cutters for each lighter that retail at $200 each.
• There will be 7 new matching ashtrays for each lighter and cutter that retail at $450 each.
• There will be 3 new cigar travel cases with cross body straps.  Each case will retail at $450.
• There will be 6 new dual-flame Le Grand lighters designed jointly with ST Dupont.  2 lighters are part of the Sacred Arts Collection: the “Van Gogh” and “Raphael.”  Four are part of the Emperor Collection: Emperors Yao, Napoleon, Augustus and Alexander. The lighters will retail at $1,500 each.
• There will be 3 new and rare bejewelled ashtray masterpieces. Each has over 8 kg of gold and 400 to 500 carats of precious stones, which include Diamonds, fine quality Rubies, VS Diamonds and Sapphires. Each ashtray will sell at the show for $10 mm.

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