Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

El Artista Cigars expanding European distribution into Norway. Nordic Cigars and El Artista signed an exclusive deal for the Dominican cigars to be distributed in the Scandinavian country. The launch is planned for the end of May, with a series of events.

The launching events will take place on May 23, 24 and 25. On May 23rd, the event will take place in Sandnes. A day later, an event will take place in Tromsø. The final event, on Sunday, May 25th, will be in Bodø. For more details, contact Nordic Cigars.

El Artista is a Dominican cigar manufacturer with a history that goes back over a hundred years ago. In 1916, Ramon ‘Pulita’ Rodriguez, started Tabacalera El Artista. And for the last few years, the company has been expanding into Europe. Two years ago, it started with German distribution via Kleinlagel. More countries and distributors have been added since.

Nordic Cigars confirmed that they will carry all the lines. The three Cimarron blends, the Pulita, the Fugly and the brand new Buffalo 10 will be available on the Nordic webshop. The Big Papi, Got your 6, Puro Ambar and the Exactus Super Coloso will be offered in limited special samplers. The Suoer Coloso is a huge 11×90 cigar.

Ministry of Cigars El Artista Cigars

The Cigars

The Cimarron is a three size line. And there are three blends. The difference is the wrapper. The regular Cimarron has an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. The Cimarron Maduro has a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. And then there is a version with a Colorado wrapper. The binder for all is a Dominican Negrito. The filler is made from American, Columbian and Dominican tobaccos.

The Pulita was made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the factory. It is made with a Dominican Negrito wrapper. The binder is a Dominican Criollo. The filler comes from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Pennsylvania

The Fugly, short for f*cking ugly, is a cheroot. The cigar is rolled without the use of molds. And that creates an ugly cigar. Rustic looking, and strong. The filler is a Criollo from the Dominican Republic mixed with Pennsylvania Broadleaf. And that goes straight into the Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper.

Buffalo Ten, the truth is, no information can be found online about this cigar. That’s how new it is. No mention on any cigar news websites and nothing on the El Artista website either.

the special samplers

David ‘Big Papi’ Ortez is a Dominican American baseball player who loves cigars. He teamed up with El Artista for his own cigar. The Big Papi is made from Ecuadorian Habano Claro for the wrapper. The rest of the tobaccos come from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Got your 6 is a camouflaged cigar. The Connecticut Shade wrapper is decorated with pieces of candela, Sumatra, and Habano to create that look. The binder is Dominican. The filler comes from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania.

The last cigar is the Puro Ambar. This cigar has a hybrid wrapper, made from three different tobacco strains. It’s propriety of El Artista. The filler also includes tobacco exclusively for the company. A wine fermented Dominican Criollo 98 as a binder completes the cigar.

The Exactus Super Coloso is huge. It’s 11×90 long and thick. It is available in two blends. The binder and filler are Dominican. But the binder has been aged in wine barrels. The wrapper on Connecticut is a Connecticut Shade from Ecuador. The wrapper on the Maduro comes from Ecuador as well.

Ministry of Cigars El Artista Cigars expanding European distribution
El Artista Got Your 6 Cigars

Nordic Cigars

Nordic Cigars is a relatively new company. Their focus is on boutique brands for the Norwegian market. They recently introduced RoMa Craft Cornelius & Anthony, Jas Sum Kral, Fratello. The company expects to launch Protocol later his year. Caldwell Cigars is on the list for 2020. And now El Artista is the latest new offering for the distributor. Nordic Cigars also works closely with other distributors in Norway, to offer the best possible selection to cigar smokers in the country.

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