Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

El Artista Cigars announces Artista Studio Works. Artista Studio Works is a collaboration between Tabacalera El Artista and different Dominican artist. Artists from all areas of the island, and all mediums. The goal of Artista Studio Works is to bring the life and culture of the Dominican Republic to the rest of the world. Through works of art and inspiration

The Dominican Republic has lots to offer. From the colorful expressions of Santiago street art to the upbeat tempo of Bachata in the clubs. And the refined brushstrokes of oil on over-sized canvas hanging in a Santo Domingo gallery. The Dominican Republic flows with artistic expression. Artista Studio Works intends to elucidate that art for the world to experience.

 Promoting Dominican art

“We make tobacco and cigars,” says Radhames “Ram” Rodriguez, President of El Artista Cigars. “That is our art. But there is so much artistic expression around us here on the island. I want to create an opportunity to share that with anyone curious about the Dominican Republic. We are so much more than just tobacco”. 

“Artista Studio Works aims to discover talent. To bring the artist into the Studio. And allow them to interpret the factory and our brands. Or the general cigar lifestyle,” states Kevin Newman Director of Marketing & Sales for El Artista Cigars. “In that way, we hope to support, uplift, and generate interest in the artist and the wonderful community of artists here on the Dominican island.” 

Ministry of cigars - El Artista Cigars announces Artista Studio Works
Buffalo Ten humidor

Artist selection

Artista Studio Works will seek out artists from around the island and invite select artists at regular intervals and in different mediums to join the collaborative. Artists’ works will then be licensed and reproduced and the artist will receive compensation for their work as well as the notoriety and exposure.

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista Cigars announces Artista Studio Works
David Ortiz humidor

The first artist to join Artista Studio Works is René Peña. Peña is an accomplished Dominican painter who describes his styles as, “simple realism, abstract and colorful”. Rodriguez says: “René made two brand new works for us. One of David Ortiz and the other of Buffalo TEN. These are incredible works of oil on a huge canvas. Those will be transferred to artwork and merchandise for the cigar smoking public. We are so very excited to bring these items to the light of day. And to showcase René in this way!” Kevin Newman adds. “We intended to showcase our first artist, René, at this year’s PCA however it did not work out in the way we had hoped”. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no PCA.

Examples of the artworks can be found on wall art and humidors. 3-Panel wall art (20″x18″) will be given away as promotional materials to retailers and El Artista Cigars fans. 50-CT humidors will be signed by the artist and will be available for sale to retailers on December 1, 2020. Humidors are limited to 200 pieces and are priced at $150 MSRP for the Buffalo TEN and $190 for the David Ortiz. 

Ministry of Cigars - El Artista Cigars announces Artista Studio Works
Buffalo Ten wall panel

René Peña’s René Estudio can be found on instagram @rene.estudio and on Facebook @rene.estudiord

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