January 2024

Edinburgh, a city with a storied past, now hosts its first La Casa Del Habano Puffin’ Rooms, blending traditional charm and modern luxury for cigar enthusiasts.

Upon entering the Puffin’ Rooms in Edinburgh, the first aspect that struck me was the harmonious blend of the city’s architectural heritage with contemporary design elements. The exterior of the building, with its classic Edinburgh stonework, seamlessly transitions into a modern and inviting interior. The space is elegantly appointed, combining the grandeur of old-world craftsmanship with sleek, modern aesthetics.

The layout of the Puffin’ Rooms is both inviting and impressive. The use of space and light creates an atmosphere that is both welcoming and sophisticated, perfect for the discerning cigar aficionado. The attention to detail in the design, from the intricate woodwork to the tasteful decor, enhances the overall experience of visiting this unique establishment.

This new location in Edinburgh is more than just a store; it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of cigar culture, crafted to provide an immersive experience that resonates with both locals and visitors alike. It stands as a beacon, inviting those who appreciate the finer things in life to indulge in a world-class cigar experience.

The Atmosphere

The Puffin’ Rooms in Edinburgh offers an atmosphere that effortlessly blends casual comfort with a touch of refined elegance. Upon entering, you are greeted by an interior that radiates warmth and relaxation. The seating is plush and inviting, arranged thoughtfully under dim, soothing lighting. This creates an ambience that feels like a tranquil oasis, ideal for decompressing from the day’s hustle and bustle. The décor strikes a balance between understated and chic, embodying a kind of understated sophistication. This is a place where the emphasis is squarely on the finer things in life – exquisite food, premium cigars, and an exceptional selection of whisky that caters to connoisseurs and novices alike.

As you transition from the dining area to the on-site shop, you’ll notice the seamless integration of the two spaces. The shop exudes a professional yet welcoming vibe. Here, the whiskies and cigars are not merely displayed but presented with utmost care and attention to detail, showcasing their quality and inviting patrons to peruse at their leisure without feeling any pressure. It’s evident that here, quality and customer experience are paramount.

Despite Edinburgh’s often chilly climate, the outdoor seating area of the Puffin Rooms is surprisingly comfortable. Equipped with efficient heaters and cozy fire pits, the space is designed to offer warmth and comfort throughout the seasons. This thoughtful setup allows guests to lounge outdoors in just a t-shirt, regardless of the weather, and still enjoy a comfortable, cozy experience. It’s the perfect spot for a relaxed smoke, a leisurely drink, or an engaging conversation, all without feeling hurried or constrained by time. The Puffin’ Rooms truly stands out as a unique and enjoyable destination in Edinburgh.

The Humidor

The humidor room at La Casa del Habano in Edinburgh is pretty much a cigar lover’s dream. It’s all about Cuban cigars, and they take that seriously. The place smells like rich tobacco, and the interior is well put together. The big deal here is how they store the cigars. They’re all about keeping them perfect in terms of flavour and quality, so they control the humidity and temperature like pros.

You’ll find shelves filled with all sorts of Cuban cigars. They’ve got everything from the ones that won’t break the bank to the super rare, super expensive ones. Cohiba cigars are a big deal here, especially the limited editions that are like the best of the best.

Now, if you’re into cigars from places other than Cuba, this isn’t your spot. La Casa del Habano is all about Cuban cigars. That might be a downside for some, but it means they’ve got a crazy good selection of just Cuban cigars. You’ve got everything from the strong-tasting Partagás to the more subtle Montecristo, and let’s not forget the Cohiba Behike, which is basically the top dog of Cuban cigars.

The fact that they only do Cuban cigars makes this place special. It might not be for everyone, but if you’re really into Cuban cigars or just curious about them, this is the place to be. They’ve got cigars that are all about that Cuban tobacco tradition, and the rarity of what they’ve got just makes it more interesting every time you go.

The Service

The service at La Casa del Habano in Edinburgh was truly exceptional and contributed significantly to the overall experience. The staff demonstrated not only a profound knowledge about cigars but also an infectious enthusiasm, which made the process of selecting a cigar both educational and enjoyable. Their expertise was evident as they guided me towards choosing a Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill, a choice that proved to be excellent for an outdoor smoking experience.

What stood out the most during my visit was the genuinely welcoming atmosphere. As someone who often takes a considerable amount of time to decide on a cigar purchase, I was particularly appreciative of the staff’s patience and attentiveness. At no point did I feel rushed or that I was imposing on their time, a rarity in customer service today. This level of understanding and accommodation made the experience not just transactional but genuinely pleasant.

Additionally, their offer to cut and light my cigar, which I politely declined in favour of doing it myself, was a nice touch that showed their readiness to provide a complete service. Their respectful response to my preference to personally handle the cigar further highlighted their commitment to customer satisfaction and personalization of service.

The pinnacle of the visit was enjoying the Wide Churchill in front of the establishment’s inviting fire. This setting provided a perfect backdrop for contemplation and relaxation, enhancing the cigar’s flavour and my overall enjoyment. The comfort and ambiance of La Casa del Habano are commendable, contributing to a feeling of exclusivity and tranquillity.

Overall, La Casa del Habano in Edinburgh stands out as a premier destination for cigar enthusiasts. The combination of expert, friendly service, a warm and welcoming environment, and the high-quality selection of cigars creates an experience that is both luxurious and personal. It’s a place where one can truly appreciate the art of cigar smoking, making it a favoured spot for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. Its distinctive charm and exemplary service have certainly made it one of my all-time favourite places for cigar enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

La Casa del Habano and the Puffin’ Rooms in Edinburgh offer a remarkable experience for cigar enthusiasts, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern luxury. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between elegance and comfort, making it an ideal setting for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers to the world of cigars.

The humidor room is a highlight, featuring an impressive selection of Cuban cigars, each maintained at optimal quality. The expert service enhances the experience, with knowledgeable staff providing insightful guidance and a welcoming atmosphere.

In essence, this establishment is more than a cigar shop; it’s a destination where the art of cigar smoking is celebrated and savoured. Its unique blend of sophistication, comfort, and exceptional cigars make it a standout venue in Edinburgh for those seeking a premium smoking experience.


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