Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Dutch tobacconist Van Vreumingen sold. The 183-year-old tobacconist Van Vreumingen in the Dutch town of Gouda has a new owner. After five generations of the Van Vreumingen family owning and running the shop, the family tradition will end. But the legacy will continue under new management. The new owner is Marco van der Horst, who had a convenience store in the same town, was the president of the Goudse Cigar Society, worked for Royal Agio Cigars as an export manager, and owns the Cigar Bus. The Cigar Bus is a Volkswagen Type 2 bus converted into a mobile cigar shop.

The shop

Van Vreumingen Tobacconist was founded in 1836 in the same location as where the shop is located today. It’s more than a shop, it’s become a tobacco museum over the years. The shop is an official monument and due to that status, Van der Horst can’t make any big changes to the building. Not that he was planning to, as both the exterior and the interior of the shop make the place so unique. Small changes will be made, such as a large new humidor for premium Longfiller cigars. Unfortunately, there is no space for a cigar lounge at the moment.

Current owner, the 5th generation, Loet van Vreumingen turned 70 earlier this year. Since there isn’t a 6th generation to carry on the store he was looking for a successor outside of the family. Van der Horst and Van Vreumingen have known each other for years. Van der Horst is known to throw the best cigar events in and around Gouda.

Ministry of Cigars - Dutch tobacconist Van Vreumingen sold
The shop in 1936, the man pictured is Leo Sanders (photo credit:

As far as we know, Van Vreumingen is the third oldest cigar store in The Netherlands. Only Hajenius in Amsterdam and Havana House Voet in Haarlem outdate van Vreumingen. But Van Vreumingen is the only one that is still in the same location as where the shop was opened and hasn’t changed its name. Havana House Voet changed the name and the shop is not located at the original address. Hajenius was relocated several times before settling down at the Rokin in Amsterdam and is now owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group.


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