June 2020

Drew Estate’s BOTL comes back again. The annual limited edition for the BOTL cigar platform was created. And Drew Estate partnered up to release an annual limited edition for the platform. The 2020 version will be showcased during a special and upcoming Freestyle Live: Special Edition hosted on facebook.com/drewestatecigar on June 11th from 7:00-9:00 pm EST.

The 2020 edition

The “Brothers of the Leaf, Brown Label” edition for 2020 will be available at tobacconists who are part of the Drew Diplomat elite. Drew Diplomat retailers are retailers that carry a wide selection of Drew Estate products and have been supporting the brand for years. In return, these retailers can order all the rare Drew Estate cigars that other retailers can’t order.

This year, the BOTL is made with a bold broadleaf wrapper. The binder is Ecuadorian Connecticut. The fillers all come from Nicaragua. There will be three sizes available, all in 15-count boxes. Those sizes are a 5×44 Corona, a 6×46 Corona Gorda, and a 7×38 Lancero.

Ministry of Cigars - Drew Estate’s BOTL comes back again

Jonathan Drew

In a press release, Jonathan Drew wrote. “In the words of the honorable Notorious B.I.G, “I been in this game for years; it made me an animal; there’s rules to this shit; so I wrote me a manual; a step by step booklet for you to get; your game on track; not your wig pushed back.” On a personal level, the B.O.T.L Brown Label provokes each lord puffer to ask the question for him or herself, “Am I a B.O.T.L./S.O.T.L. or not? If I am, then let’s burn it down. If I’m not, that’s ok too .. let me feel this beast out and see what it’s all about. B.O.T.L. Brown Label holds a unique journey of authenticity and understanding for each person who loves to explore life, period.” Drew is the Founder and President of Drew Estate.

Drew Estate did not share any information on a possible release of the limited edition BOTL Brown Label release for international markets.

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