Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Drew Estate resumes cigar safari. After a hiatus of two years, due to civil unrest in beautiful Nicaragua, the cigar manufacturer reboots its cigar safari program in 2020. But before you start packing, the short 2020 season is all sold out. Drew Estate did mention that there will be a full-season program for 2021.

Cigar Safari

Little over a decade ago, in 2008, Drew Estate started with the Cigar Safari. The company did that to promote Drew Estate, Nicaragua, Esteli and boost tourism as another source of income for the poor Latin American country. And the Cigar Safari has been a huge success from day one. Four days, three nights in Esteli with visits to the Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua factories. The opportunity to create your own blend. And to see the art studio, Subculture Studios. All while sleeping at the Drew Estate factory guesthouses with free cigars to smoke all day. 

In 2018 Drew Estate was forced to postpone the Cigar Safari program due to civil unrest. Frustrations against new taxes, decreased benefits and social security reforms from the Daniel Ortega lead government. Many protesters were killed by government-funded kill squads. Ortega ultimately retracted the plans but remains in power. Protestors, including Ortega’s former Sandinista freedom fighters and his brother Humberto, call Ortega a dictator.

Other tours

The cigar safari always sells out in a matter of hours, and many other factories now offer cigar tours as well. The latest new addition to the cigar tours in Esteli is with Antigua Esteli. From January 15th till 20th you can join Art Garcia of Antigua Esteli on a trip. The trip will have you experience tobacco as you’ve never experienced it before. 

The Antigua Esteli included factory visits and visits to tobacco plantations. But also trips to the volcanic island of Ometepe, known for its great tobacco. And relaxation at one of the pristine beaches of Nicaragua. 

Ministry of Cigars - Antigua Esteli enters the Asian market



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