June 2020

Drew Estate releases new Deadwood. The new cigar was introduced during the Freestyle Facebook live earlier today. Jonathan Drew and Jack Heyer revealed the new cigar with a slick video. 

Leather Rose

The Deadwood Leather Rose is a 6×54 Maduro Torpedo. The blend is spicier than the other Deadwood releases. Jonathan Drew explained that Leather Rose is the bad sister of the bunch. The other sisters are Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice. Leather Rose is the sister that was away for a while, robbing banks and hiding. But for the 80th anniversary of Sturgis, she’s coming back to her family.

Ministry of Cigars - Drew Estate releases new Deadwood.

Deadwood Tobacco

The Deadwood Tobacco Store is a store in Deadwood, South Dakota. It was one of the first 13 retailers in the world that would carry Drew Estate cigars. The owner Von came up with the Deadwood concept and worked closely with several people in Drew Estate to make the cigars. Dirty Fabian was heavily involved.

Jonathan Drew explained that the Deadwood line was meant to be a little, cool boutique brand for a special woman. Yet the brand exploded and became the problem child. Completely messing up the supply chain, as the demand was bigger than ever expected.

The cigars are expected to ship to Drew Estate Diplomat Retailers next month.

Ministry of Cigars - Drew Estate releases new Deadwood.

4 thoughts on “Drew Estate releases new Deadwood

  1. Is this cigar going to be released in the Netherlands?

    1. That’s up to the Drew Estate distributor in The Netherlands. It’s Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

      My expectations are that the cigar isn’t going to be released

  2. Very Excited… I’m a big Drew Estate fan since I tried my very first cigar, the Kuba Kuna…. I think I’ve tried EVERY cigar in the Drew Estate family and can’t wait to try this one as well..

    1. If we can get our hands on this release, there will be a review on the site

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