September 2020

Drew Estate picks Handrolled as their partner in Lebanon. The young Hand Rolled Distribution Company will be handling the distribution for the edgy Nicaraguan cigar brand in Lebanon. The first shipment is to Hand Rolled is expected to land in Beirut within a month. Although shipping from Nicaragua is an issue at the moment due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Hand Rolled

In 2018, Woody Ghsoubi and Najat Abdo founded Hand Rolled. It’s a distribution company with a focus on new world cigars and accessories. Both are long time cigar aficionados and very active in the Lebanese cigar scene for years. Woody Ghsoubi used to work for a cigar distributor in Lebanon. He is also the founder of BOTL Montreal, one of the largest Canadian cigar communities. Ghsoubi and Abdo decided to create a distribution company. With a focus on new world cigars. Their mission is to bring all Lebanese Cigar Aficionados what they’ve been missing in the market. The best and all the good things that the tobacco leaf can offer in terms of quality and pricing. With cigars from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Ministry of Cigars - Drew Estate changes distributors in Lebanon

Currently, Hand Rolled is responsible for a number of boutique brands in Lebanon. Brands as Caldwell Cigars, Casdagli Cigars, Patoro Cigars, Smoking Jacket, and Saga cigars. But Hand Rolled is ready to play in the big league. They recently started working with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. And now Drew Estate and Hand Rolled are joining forces to supply the Lebanese cigar enthusiasts with the best that Drew Estate has to offer. “This will be the rebirth of Drew Estate in Lebanon” as Najat Abdo says.

Besides a selection of great cigar brands, Hand Rolled is distributing accessories too. Boveda is handled by Ghsoubi and Abdo. Just as the French luxury cigar knives from Les Fines Lames. And the tool to create a smoke channel in a plugged cigar, Perfec Draw. Now that’s ironic, as the construction issues are mostly a Cuban problem. Hand Rolled isn’t distributing Cuban cigars.

Woody Ghsoubi, Jonathan Drew and Najat Abdo at IPCPR 2018


The first shipment of Drew Estate cigars is landing at the Hand Rolled warehouse in a month’s time. That shipment will include Liga Privada No.9 and T52, both in three vitolas including Flying Pigs. The Liga Privada Unico series is also heading to Lebanon. The three different Undercrown blends are included as well. Flying Pigs and Gran Toros for each blend. And in the Undercrown Maduro blend, the Dogma is included (see a review here, and the Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show with the Undercrown Dogma here). The Undercrown Shady XX and Suprema are coming as well. These are rare finds outside the USA.

Herrera Esteli is coming in the Habano Robusto Grande, Norteño Robusto Grande, Toro Especial Maduro, and the Limited Edition Norteño Churchill. The Fat Molly, Hamhocks, and Flying Pig of the Kentucky Fire Cured sizes of the Kentucky Fired Cured are heading to the Hand Rolled HQ. As well as the Nica Rustica and four different Drew Estate tins. Those are 4×32 cigars in both Liga Privada blend, Kentucky Fire Cured, and Undercrown Shade. Hand Rolled is also introducing the ACID line to Lebanon. In the blends ACID 20, Blondie, Kuba Kuba, and Kuba Arte. The last one comes packed in the cool Drew Estate water towers. The ACID lines have never been available in Lebanon before.

Ministry of Cigars - Drew Estate changes distributors in Lebanon

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