March 2019

A few years ago, Dutch distributor Longfiller Company introduced Drew Estate to the Dutch market. And one of the brands they introduced was the Larutan. When both companies, amicably, decided to go separate ways and Agio took on the distribution of Drew Estate, Larutan disappeared from the shelves of the Dutch tobacco retailers.

But now they are back. Royal Agio has relaunched the Drew Estate Larutan in The Netherlands. Three sizes only, the 3×38 Juicy Lucy, the 4×43 Dirt and the 5×54 Dirt Torpedo.

The Juicy Lucy comes in a box of 40 cigars for €172 making a single cigar €4,30. The Dirt comes in a box of 24 for €136,80 making a single cigar €5,70. The Dirt Torpedo is €7,20 per cigar. With a box count of 24, it comes down to €172,80 per cigar.

Other markets

The only other market where Agio (re)launched the Laturan is Germany. Royal Agio has been distributing Drew Estate on certain European markets since 2014 and last year agreed to distribute La Flor Dominicana in The Netherlands and Germany too.

Laturan was originally known as Natural, but European law prohibits the use of words like natural, light, organic etcetera when it comes to tobacco products. The Drew Estate team came up with the clever idea to write the name back to front, creating the name Larutan.

Ministry of Cigars - Larutan relaunched in The Netherlands

In 2017, Drew Estate relaunched the cigars with the new name on the American market too. The cigars are made from a mixture of Nicaraguan tobacco and exotic tobaccos which are traditionally used in pipe tobacco such as traditional black tobaccos from Syria, Turkey, St. James Parish and other exotic locales. Each Laturan vitola has a specific blend, just for the specific size. The wrapper is sweetened. The combination of the sweetnened wrapper and the exotic tobacco makes this cigar a crossover between infused cigars and traditional cigars.

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