Date: April 2021
Author: Inspector Z

Drew Estate is releasing a sampler. A six cigar traditional sampler box containing Herrera Estelí Habano, Undercrown Maduro, and Undercrown Shade. Each box contains a total of six cigars: two 6×50 Herrera Esteli Habano, two 6×50 Undercrown Maduro, and two 6×50 Undercrown Shade cigars

Herrera Estelí Habano was the first cigar created for Drew Estate by its Master Blender, Willy Herrera. It is Drew Estate’s homage to the great Havana classics of yesteryear. Using a blend of Ecuadorean Habano wrapper, Honduran binder, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, Herrera Estelí Habano cigars are spicy, sweet, and complex. The medium- to full-bodied cigars offer a truly Cubanesque smoking experience.


The Undercrown brand is a spin-off to the successful Liga Privada. According to the legend, the rollers of Drew Estate were smoking too many Liga Privada cigars. Drew Estate had to put a stop to it, so the rollers took some of the same blend but without the rare tobacco. The result was the Undercrown Maduro. They are using an Otapan Negro Último Corte (San Andres, Mexico) capa, a T52 Connecticut River Valley Stalk-Cut Habano capote, and a tripa filler blend of Select Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan Cuban Seed tobaccos to offer a medium- to full-bodied cigar that is lush, smooth and creamy with a natural sweetness. The board was so impressed that they turned it into a regular production cigar and by now it’s a classic.

There are two Undercrown sisters, and one of them is the Undercrown Shade. Undercrown Shade is blanketed with an Ecuadorean Connecticut capa, Ecuadorean Sumatra capote, and tripa blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 tobaccos. Shade delivers creamy notes with hints of vanilla, caramel, and pepper, and is more robust than most other cigars that utilize Connecticut-seed shade-grown wrappers.

America only?

From the Wynwood Safehouse, Jonathan Drew, Founder and President exclaims, “This is a nice little goodie, geared as a trade pickup for our beloved Retailers who need the perfect snag-item for on-the-run-eatin’ individuals who pop into the cigar shop and bounce. Please note the NORE quote, ya’ll.”

Drew Estate did not reveal if this is a sampler just for the United States or if the sampler is available to Drew Estate importers and distributors worldwide. In recent months, Drew Estate did release an Asian exclusive and a European exclusive cigar.


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