February 2020

Drew Estate brings Larutan to Switzerland. The line, once known as Natural but rebranded to Larutan, will be available in Switzerland through distributor The Royal Cigar Company. The Larutan brand is a unique blend, as it’s not infused yet doesn’t fall under the category of natural cigars either. That’s because of the blend of tobacco, which includes some tobaccos normally used for pipe tobaccos.

For the Larutan, Drew Estate is using Nicaraguan leaves combined with black tobaccos from Syria, Turkey, St. James Parish and other exotic destinations. And to make the line even more interesting, each vitola has its own distinct blend. 

The range

The Royal Cigar Company is introducing the Larutan in 8 different sizes on the Swiss market. Those are the 3×38 Jucy Lucy. One step up is the 4×43 Dirt. Slightly larger is the Big Jucy, with a 5×46 size. Then there is the 5×50 Clean Robusto, a looker with a unique foot and cap. The next size up is the Dirt Torpedo, with a 5 x54 Torpedo shaped cigar. The Root measures 5×55. English is a toro that measures 6×52. And the largest Larutan is the 6½x54 Dark Angel. The prices range from 5.50 CHF to 11.80 CHF per cigar.

The uniquely shaped Egg, available in Natural and Maduro, and the Culebra Medusa won’t be available in Switzerland yet. Just like the 10 count tins called Dirties. 

Larutan was known under the name Natural. But that name could not be used in Europe. So Drew Estate decided to write Natural backward, Larutan. And then rebranded the line for the American market as well, to avoid confusion.

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