September 2022

It is the latest acquisition of the group that was formed last year by La Casa del Tabaco in Belgium and C.Gars Ltd in the United Kingdom but not their first side-step into distilled liquor. It is the first step into hospitality, although most of the United Kingdom based locations of Dominique London are equipped with puffing rooms.

Besides 21 shops in 4 European countries, Dominique London also owns the Snowdonia distillery in Wales where they make YBet Vodka and Foragers Gin (highly recommended by Cigar Inspector) and a series of independent bottling of whisky under the name Stalla Dhu, In the coming months, Cigar Inspector will publish articles about these spirits with pairing suggestions.

The Mas Tun is located in the heart of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Country. The place was formerly known as “The Station Bar” the building was originally constructed in 1896 by James Campbell, a sea captain, who instructed a marine architect to design the building in the shape of a small ship.

​A pledge contained in the title deeds, made in 1963 by the owner at the time states that since Dr Beeching closed the railway in Aberlour then a name change was appropriate – but that if ever a train should pull up at the station again then the pub will revert to “The Station Bar”.

​The current name comes from the whisky and brewing industry and is the large vessel or vat in which the malted barley is mixed with water and yeast.

Commonly these vessels are anywhere up to eight metres in diameter and up to six metres deep. In practice there are large stirrers that are mechanically driven inside a mash tun.

Dominique London is planning to add a few more rooms to the hotel and a Stalla Shu whisky coming from the on-site distillery.


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