December 2023

Under the ownership of Cynn Coburn, Dissident Cigars proudly announces its significant contribution to the establishment of Nicaragua’s first Animal Rescue Centre. The donation of land near San Juan del Sur is a benevolent initiative aimed at addressing the pressing space constraints faced by the existing SOS Animales Nicaragua veterinary clinic and shelter, which often finds itself compelled to turn away animals seeking assistance.

An unwavering advocate for animal welfare, Cynn Coburn first encountered SOS Animales Nicaragua during a family vacation to San Juan Del Sur in 2021. Nicaragua, the home of Fabrica Oveja Negra—where Dissident’s cigars are crafted—soon became more than a holiday destination for the Coburns. Initially acquiring land with intentions of building a family home, the Coburns redirected their plans upon identifying the urgent need at SOS Animales Nicaragua and generously decided to allocate the land for the establishment of the Animal Rescue Centre.

Expressing her sentiment, Coburn articulates, “Making Nicaragua our second home was a family/business decision for my husband and me. However, we had no idea how quickly we’d fall in love with Nicaragua on a personal level. We immediately fell in love with the people, the culture and yes, the animals. Nicaragua is where our hearts reside, and we believe that it’s important to invest in all aspects of the culture.”

With the acquisition of land secured, SOS Animales has initiated a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, aspiring to collect the estimated $300,000 required for the construction of the Animal Rescue Centre, equipped with multiple units to accommodate animals in distress.

Delaney Griffin, the Founder & Director of SOS Animales, commends the Coburns for their exceptional support, not only for the land donation but also for their consistent contributions through donations, time, services, and active participation in animal adoptions and fostering. Urging further assistance, Griffin emphasizes the significance of monetary donations via the GoFundMe effort.

Individuals willing to contribute can visit the SOS Animales Rescue Centre GoFundMe page. Established in 2020 by a group of dedicated animal lovers, SOS Animales Nicaragua has been committed to alleviating animal suffering by educating owners, conducting sterilization clinics, subsidizing vaccine costs, and operating the community’s first full-service veterinary clinic.

Dissident Cigars, known as a premium cigar brand catering to the next generation of enthusiasts, is dedicated to innovation and bringing unique blends to the market. Coburn’s commitment to both Dissident and the Animal Rescue Centre reflects a holistic investment in the cultural fabric of Nicaragua.

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