June 2019

Dinner with Nestor Plasencia in London. Davidoff Distributors U.K., the official partner for Plasencia cigars in Great Britain, teamed up with Boisdale for a cigar dinner. It will be the first event with Nestor Andres Plasencia in the United Kingdom ever.

The cigars

During the dinner, three cigars will be smoked. The first one is the Plasencia Reserva Original Robusto. That cigar is completely organic. It was an experiment as Nestor Andres was curious about how tobacco tasted before modern fertilizers and pest control. So he started fertilizing a part of one of the many plantations in an organic way. And grew tobacco old style. With that tobacco, the Plasencia family created the Plasencia Reserva Original.

The second cigar is the Plasencia 1898 Robusto. This cigar has a direct link with family history. In 1898 the first Plasencia ventured in tobacco. That was in Cuba. And 121 years, and 5 generations, later Plasencia is the largest grower of tobacco in Nicaragua and Honduras. And they run several cigar factories, making over 30 million cigars per year.

The final cigar of the evening is the Plasencia Alma Fuerte Robusto. And it’s the equivalent of the Cohiba for Habanos, Opus X for Fuente, Melanio for Oliva and 1926 for Padron. The top of the line. With amazing tobaccos, all perfectly fermented and aged. The robusto is the latest addition to the line.

Ministry of Cigars -Plasencia adds robusto to Alma Fuerte

The menu and tickets

Boisdale came up with a great dinner as well. It starts with Marinated Orkney salmon, fennel, apple & radish salad and Sweet mustard dressing. The second course is Free-range Yorkshire chicken breast, dauphinoise potato braised leeks, chestnut mushroom & tarragon sauce. The third and final course is desert. Bourbon vanilla Cambridge cream highland raspberries, short bread

Tickets are available on the Boisdale website and include the three cigars, the dinner, and wines. The event takes place on Friday, September 13th. It starts at 7 pm.

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