Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

DH Boutique cigars contest. Last night, we were the guest at Didier Houvenaghel’s weekly zoom session. The session was also streamed live on Facebook. But before the session, Houvenaghel asked us to be one of the jurors of the DH Boutique Cigars de-confinement contest. We agreed, and now it’s time to increase the number of participants.

The contest and the rules

How badly do you daydream your after-confinement FIRST CIGAR? 
And where will you want to taste this first cigar AFTER ISOLATION? 
And what DH BOUTIQUE CIGAR (NICARAO, LA LEY, LA PREFERIDA, or FURIA) will help you celebrate this LIBERATION?

What is your imagination saying?
Will this first cigar after-confinement be Crazy, Intense, Serious, or Melancholic?
Share the thrills and excitements of this imaginary cigar-to-come, that will perhaps stay in your memory forever. 

Share artistically your photos or videos with us and with the community! Let’s have a smile on your face and on ours!
Post your realizations, photos, or videos, tag us, and use the hashtags.

For speedy posting, copy/paste this example in your post comment:
#dhboutiquecigars #dhcigarcontest #cigarphotography 
@Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend3 @laleycigars @nicaraocigars @furiacigars @lapreferidacig

One of you will win 30-days’ worth of cigars!! 
Best of luck and have fun!


The winner will be chosen by an independent jury and will receive 30-days’ worth of cigars. 
Send your 3 best photos or videos via our specific hashtags on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the simple contest rules and make sure to win the prize!


Bring fun in the last days or weeks of our confinements, and put smiles on our faces, and let communicate our amusement and laughter. Let’s unleash our creativity by organizing a DE-CONFINEMENT SHOOTING CIGAR CONTEST.

With the – most probably – economic and social crisis brought to the world by the consequences of coronavirus pandemic and the government’s decisions of lockdowns, we intend a diversion to the gloomy confinement atmosphere.

Accompanied by NICARAO, LA LEY, LA PREFERIDA, and FURIA cigars, we seek to promote positive feelings and to refresh ourselves with a fun, thrilling and exciting DE-CONFINEMENT SHOOTING CIGAR CONTEST for all of our cigar lovers.

The DH Boutique Cigars (Nicarao, La Ley, La Preferida, and Furia) thought of this joyously and creative way to bring all cigar lovers closer together in the last days or weeks of isolation and develop our community. We believe that a healthy and happy business depends on healthy and happy people. So, for our aficionados to be happy we strive to see this crisis with a positive look, and as an opportunity for change and improvement, and to turn negative things into positive… by organizing a pleasant and friendly De-Confinement Shooting Cigar Contest.

THE RULES  Both photos and video entries will be accepted.
– A maximum of 3 entries will be considered per participant.
– Photos and videos must be taken on a clear confined environment, or being the pure fruit of your imagination!
– Only entries with DH Boutique Cigars (Nicarao, La Ley, La Preferida, Furia) will be considered for the prize.
– Post your entries on Facebook and/or Instagram using the following Hashtags: #dhboutiquecigars, #cigarcontest, #cigarphotography. 
– Post with your personal account, and tag us, and tag 3 of your cigar lover friends.
– Ensure the photos have a minimum acceptable resolution.
– Entries should be received by the very last day and last hour of May 2020 to be valid for the contest.
– The winner will be announced in the month of June 2020.

We are far from being inflexible but participants respecting as many as possible of these rules will increase their chance of winning! Of course.

DH Boutique Cigars

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