Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Debonaire Maduro is available in The Netherlands. Distributor for Debonaire and Indian Motorcycles, Gajane Benelux, has announced that the Debonaire Maduro is now available in The Netherlands. But only in one vitola for now, the 5 1/4×50 Robusto

The Debonaire Maduro is made on the Dominican Republic at the De Los Reyes factory. That’s where the Debonaire Habano and the Debonaire Daybreak are made too. As well as the Indian Motorcycle cigars, which are part of the Debonaire House. The cigars have a filler that consists of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. The binder is a Dominican San Vicente leaf. The wrapper is from the United States. It is a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The complete line has six sizes, from a 4×44 Petit Corona to a 9×50 ‘A’ size, although that last one was a limited edition. But for now, only the Robusto will be available. The fixed price is set at €12,25 per cigar.

Ministry of Cigars Debonaire Maduro is available in The Netherlands

Debonaire House

Philip Zanghi is the man behind Debonaire House. He made his entrance in the cigar industry in the early 1990s with no other than Rocky Patel as his partner. Both were new to the industry and founded Indian Tobac. But Zanghi sold his share to Patel a few years later to focus on other parts of the tobacco industry.

In 2011, Zanghi returned to the cigar industry. He teamed up with the Reyes family on the Dominican Republic. Together they created the Debonaire Habano. Zanghi did the blend, Reyes produces the cigars in their De Los Reyes factory. And the collaboration paid off. In 2015, Debonaire released the Debonaire Maduro. And the Indian Motorcycles cigars, both in a Habano and a Maduro blend. The Debonaire Daybreak, with a Connecticut Share wrapper, followed after. Just like the Indian Motorcycle Connecticut, although that’s exclusively available in Canada for now. Although, there are rumors that the Indian Motorcycle Connecticut will be released globally later this year.

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