November 2018

Debonaire is making an entrance on the German market, not just with cigars but also with their line of rums. Debonaire is one of the brands of Philip Zanghi, the former partner of Rocky Patel when Rocky Patel Premium Cigars was still known as Indian Tabac.

After Patel and Zanghi parted ways Zanghi focussed on other parts of the tobacco industry but a few years ago, and with 25 years of experience, he decided to come back. He did that with his own brand, Debonaire House and the Debonaire cigars and a partnership with the De Los Reyes factory. First in the USA, where his long-term friend Jonathan Drew offered distribution through the Drew Estate network, and now he’s slowly moving into Europe, where he has distributors in The Netherlands and Germany for sure as far as we know, but probably a few more countries.

As for Germany, all three Debonaire lines, a Connecticut Shade, Habano and Maduro will become available through Schuster Zigarren.

Debonaire Daybreak:

This is the Connecticut Shade cigar, the mildest of the three Debonaire offerings. The filler is from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The binder is a Dominican San Vincente leaf and the wrapper is a Connecticut Shade that has been pile aged for a minimum of two years. The wrapper comes from Ecuador. Only the 5×50 robusto and the 6×50 toro will be released on the German market for now.

Debonaire Orginal:

In the USA this line is called Debonaire Habano. The cigar has filler from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The binder is a Dominican San Vincente just like the daybreak. The wrapper is a Sun Grown Nicaraguan tobacco especially created for Debonaire. The original will come in a robusto and a toro to Germany.

Debonaire Maduro:

The third blend of Debonaire. This blend has a filler from Nicaragua and the Dominican. It won’t surprise you if I tell you that the binder is a Dominican San Vincente. The wrapper is a United States grown Connecticut Broadleaf. This cigar will reach the German market in three different sizes. A 5×50 robusto, a 6×50 toro, and a 9×50 33rd.

Next to the cigars Debonaire and Schuster will introduce the rums created by Debonaire. Debonaire has two infused rums and four regular rums. But the 5-year-old white rum won’t make it to Germany for now.

Debonaire Honey Rum

This rum is off limit for vegans, since selected natural honey has been blended with 15-year-old rum to create a smooth, soft rum that can be enjoyed straight up or over deserts. The alcohol content is 20%

Debonaire Coffee Rum

No artificial flavours have been used to create this coffee rum. Premium coffee beans from Boquete Panama are the source of the coffee flavour in this 26% strong rum. That makes this rum great after a meal or in a dark Russian cocktail.

Debonaire 8 year

This rum is a tribute to the rum that made Cuban rum famous. Smooth, good to drink as a sipping rum but also great in a cocktail. This rum won a silver medal at the Madrid Rum competition 2012. 76 proof or 38% of alcohol.

Debonaire 15 year

Actually, it’s more than 15 years because the rum gets an additional six months rest after mixing. The perfect rum to enjoy with a cigar according to Philip Zanghi. This rum was also a silver medal winner in Madrid in 2012 and a gold medal winner at the German rum awards 2018. The rum has an alcohol percentage of 38%

Debonaire 21 year

Don Pancho’s salute, the oldest of the Debonaire rum family. This one is to enjoy as a sipping rum, straight up or on the rocks. The rum is for refined palates with its depth and richness. The alcohol percentage is 38%.

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