Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

De Sigarenman is expanding. The shop, which opened less than a year ago, will undergo serious reconstruction. The total floor space will more than triple to 50 square meters. Previously the shop acted more like a showroom for the cigars imported and distributed by De Sigarenman. But once the new humidor is ready, other cigars will be sold as well. And those will include Cuban cigars.

The shop is located in Hellevoetsluis. Hellevoetsluis is a small village in the southwest of The Netherlands, approximately 45 kilometers southwest of Rotterdam. And it’s the home of serial entrepreneur Robert Blonk. His first steps into the cigar industry were with ‘cigar on the bar’. With that concept, he placed humidors in restaurants and bars who could sell the cigars. But then he moved on to become a distributor of a few brands. And open his showroom and shop, which is open for limited hours per week. Blonk has a few other businesses outside the cigar industry as well

Ministry of Cigars - De Sigarenman is expanding
the new Sigarenman shop in Hellevoetsluis

Cigar import and distribution

As an importer and distributor, Blonk is responsible for a few brands. The brands under his wings are Bossner, El Viejo Continente, Principle, The Traveler, and The Circus cigars. Blonk mentioned that he will be at Intertabac in a few weeks, so there might be new brands to be added to the list.

As of now, it is not clear if the new shop will get longer opening hours. As soon as more details and pictures come in, we will update the article accordingly .

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