Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Davidoff releases another masterpiece Humidor. This time its a new Davidoff Masterpiece Royale Release crafted by Émilie Moutard-Martin. The humidor is the latest in a series of collaborations with renowned artists. This humidor is the follow up of the Davidoff Terroirs humidors. Those were a collaboration with another French artist, Rose Saneuil.

Emilie Moutard-Martin

“We are delighted to partner with the exceptional French feather artist, Émilie Moutard-Martin, to design this unique Masterpiece humidor Royal Release,” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG. Davidoff’s world was a place in which Émilie was keen to immerse herself in. Émilie Moutard-Martin saw the parallels with using the properties of natural, organic material to create a work of art and the links between cigar making and her unique feather-work. She fittingly associated the three stages of the cigar tasting experience with the time and rhythm known in dance. The aromas developing in the three distinct stages of cigar-tasting resonating with the three-four time of the waltz. So, she asked dancers to perform a waltz in her studio with paint on their feet and this is how the first designs evolved. “Observing Émilie performing her craft is watching a true artist. The finesse, details, and creativity in her unique process of working with feathers made this outstanding Davidoff Masterpiece humidor indeed a work of art,” Edward Simon explains further. 

Émilie Moutard-Martin is a French feather artist based in Paris. Light and movement are the essences of feathers and Émilie strive to highlight those features. Between the art of the feather and the art of composing with the elements, Émilie Moutard-Martin freely shapes the materials to reveal their character, textures, and colors in artistic and ornamental productions. She collaborates with prestigious houses such as Hermès, Piaget, and Montblanc on artistic projects in the world of fashion, jewelry, and watchmaking. More recently, she signed a commission for an installation at the Boucheron House on Place Vendôme in Paris. Her collaboration with Davidoff is a meeting of like minds and kindred spirits. Feathers to Émilie are as leaves to Davidoff. Her work and dedication to her art push her to explore different ways of using, treating and shaping feathers to elevate their ability to delight and enchant. To make them fly as art. Just as Davidoff relentlessly seeks new and creative ways to transform the simple leaf into the most complexed and rewarding flavors.

The Royal Release humidor – How the dance took flight

Out of the dancer’s canvas, an imaginary maritime map came into focus, the curling figures revealing islands and the interweaving shapes creating a dreamlike archipelago. An archipelago is symbolic of Davidoff’s constant quest to widen the horizons of the aficionado and bring new tobaccos and new levels of craftsmanship and refinement to its cigars. Émilie selected peacock feathers for their unique, majestic iridescence and colors. She treated them with a technique that she developed herself, the feathers taking on a plant-like, organic quality. The peacock feathers are streaked with hues of blue, recalling smoky shades, green from the tobacco plantations and burnt sienna, echoing both the soil that fed the tobacco plant and the dried leaves. Finally, and fittingly for a Royal Release, Émilie delicately added gold to be a thread of movement as woven by wreaths of smoke.

With this humidor, she brings Davidoff and dance together. It’s a unique piece of art. There are only five humidors available worldwide. They hold 250 cigars. The humidors come with 50 cigars, that are exclusively available in the humidor. Those are the Royal Release Perfecto. These 6 ⅛ x53 figurados are made with a Dominican wrapper. The binder comes from Ecuador. The fillers are all Dominican.


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