April 2020

Davidoff postpones new releases indefinitely due to the current pandemic. In the next few months, Davidoff had a few released planned for its AVO and Camacho brands, yet all of them are on hold for the time being. 


The two AVO releases that are affected by the decision of Davidoff Oettinger are the AVO Maduro and the Avo North & South. The Avo Maduro It’s the first blend Avo Uvezian ever made with Henke Kelner back 40 years ago. That was before Kelner was involved with Davidoff, who was still producing cigars in Cuba. The cigars will be made with the exact same blend. Dominican fillers and binder, including some 25-year-old tobacco. The wrapper is a Connecticut Broadleaf one. The cigars will be offered in a 5×50 Robusto, 6×50 No.2 and a 7½x50 No.3. The blend made a temporary comeback as a limited edition in 2018 as well. But now it’s back as a regular production cigar.

Just like last year, AVO is dividing the United States. Where they divided them in east and west last year, this year they go for north and south. Not like during the civil war though. Davidoff of Geneva created an AVO Regional North and an AVO Regional South cigar. Both have different sizes and blends. But for international lovers of AVO, don’t worry. While there are 2000 boxes of each blend available for American retailers, depending on their geographical location, there are also boxes for the international market. About the same number of boxes have been allocated for the global distributors of Davidoff and Avo. The cigars were slated for an August release, yet that date has been canceled for now.

Ministry of Cigars - Davidoff postpones new releases indefinitely


Another two releases that are affected are the Camacho Nicaragua and the Camacho Liberty. Now the Camacho Nicaragua has got little to do with Nicaragua. They are not produced in Nicaragua, and only one of the tobaccos in the filler comes from the rich volcanic soil of Nicaragua. The rest of the tobaccos in the filler are Dominican and Honduras. The binder and wrapper aren’t Nicaraguan either. The binder is Honduran, the wrapper Ecuadorian. The cigars will come in orange and black colored boxes. The design is like all the other lines in the Camacho Bold series, slick with the recognizable scorpion on the box. There will be three sizes available. Those are a 5×52 Robusto, a 6×50 Toro, and a 7×56 Gran Churchill.

Since 2002, Camacho has released an annual limited edition called Camacho Liberty. For the Camacho Liberty 2020, Oettinger Davidoff went for a 6×60 Box Pressed Gordo. The blend consists of Dominican and Honduran fillers. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano and the binder is Honduran Corojo. As always the cigars come in their own coffin. The Liberty series has always been very American inspired. The Camacho Liberty 2020 is no exception with a big eagle on the box. And the wings of the eagle are pained in the American flag. But the cigars aren’t limited to the United States. About a third of the total production of 41850 cigars will be sold on the international markets.

Ministry of Cigars - Camacho goes Nicaragua and announces Liberty 2020

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