Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Earlier today we brought the breaking news that Davidoff closes their three shops in The Netherlands effective immediately. After reaching out to Davidoff we received an official notice, in Dutch, but we translated it for you:

Important notice: closing of shops in Amsterdam, Groningen and Maastricht.

Dear partners and suppliers,

Our company is in the middle of a time of transition to achieve greater efficiency and to increase our marketshare. That includes reorganising our retail activities to stay a flexible organisation for now and in the future, and rearranging our commercial assets to assure an improved operational efficiency.

As a result of that, Pronk Retail will close her shops in The Netherlands effective immediately.
1) Davidoff of Geneva in Amsterdam
2) Tabaksspeciaalzaak Homan in Groningen
3) Tabakspeciaalzaak Maastricht in Maastricht.

Shutting down the shops will give Pronk Import the possibility to focus on supplying wholesalers, appointed Davidoff merchants and retailers.

We would like to thank you for your continues support and trust and we are available if you need any more information.

Pronk Import is the name of the Davidoff operations in The Netherlands. Pronk Import was an independent distributor within the Davidoff Oetinger group until a few years ago when they became a part of Davidoff Benelux.

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  1. So what will happen with the people working in the shops then?

    1. Probably fired.

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