October 2020

Davidoff leaks the first photo of the Year of the Ox. Each year Davidoff celebrates the Chinese New Year with a release. Not just a limited edition cigar, but a whole line. A line with a cigar, accessories, pipe tobacco, and even pipes. All based on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. 2021 is the Year of the Ox. So Davidoff is releasing the Davidoff Year of the Ox line next month.

Ministry of Cigars - Davidoff leaks the first photo of the Year of the Ox

Davidoff Year of the Ox cigar

While the accessories are not confirmed yet, Davidoff does confirm that there is a Davidoff Year of the Ox pipe tobacco coming. And a Davidoff Year of the Ox cigar. A Gordo this time, 6×60. And they come in boxes of 10. Boxes with red and gold, as those colors have a significant meaning in Chinese culture. Red and gold stand for prosperity and wealth. Since 8 is the lucky number in Chinese culture, the decision to release boxes of ten cigars instead of eight is breaking away from Chinese tradition.

 Seven different tobaccos make up the Davidoff Year of the Ox. It starts with Viso from both Esteli and Condega in Nicaragua. These tobaccos and Yamasa Viso, San Vincente Mejorado Viso, and Piloto Viso all from the Dominican Republic are the filler. The binder is Ecuadorian Sumatra. The wrapper is Dominican again. The production stops at a total of 13.500 boxes for a worldwide release.

Ministry of Cigars - Davidoff leaks the first photo of the Year of the Ox


There is a growing number of companies catering to the Chinese New Year. But Davidoff was the first. In 2012 the Swiss company released a cigar for the Year of the Dragon. And they have been doing a release every year since. Due to the success of the series, other companies are doing the same. Maya Selva, VegaFina, Drew Estate, Brun del Re, Brick House, and even Habanos copy the concept with Chinese New Year releases. Joya de Nicaragua released a limited edition for the Asian markets, but that had nothing to do with the Chinese New Year.

At the start of Chinese New Year, we reviewed as many Year of the Rat cigars as we could get our hands on. This February, at the end of the Year of the Rat, we are reviewing the Drew Estate Year of the Rat sampler.

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