January 2020

Davidoff announces new Exclusive Editions. In total, there will be 18 Davidoff Exclusive Editions released, that’s double the amount of last year.

The Davidoff Exclusive Editions are created and custom blended with the top of the Davidoff distributors and retail partners. The Davidoff master blenders incorporated the wishes of the local distributors and retailers into the blends.

Davidoff Exclusive Editions

“The Davidoff Exclusive Editions are exceptional cigar creations with customized blends. Each is as unique as the countries, cities and anniversaries they were made to celebrate. With these personalized editions, we are honoring Zino Davidoff’s unique attention to each customer and his individual demands who entered the iconic Geneva store. We are very excited to make available Exclusive Editions to 18 chosen trade partners in 2020. That will allow them to offer custom made blends catering to local taste preferences. Presented in beautiful personalized boxes of 10 cigars the Davidoff Master Blenders have created exciting blends which are sure to delight aficionados.” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. 

Exclusive Edition Cigars 

The most experienced Davidoff cigar rollers are responsible for rolling the cigars. The blends are all characterized by signature Davidoff sophistication yet tailored to the specific region. The blends vary from medium to full-bodied cigars in the sizes Belicoso, Piramides, and Panatela. All the cigars are made with tobacco from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

The launches will take place starting in January 2020, although the launch dates won’t be the same for each region. Only select Davidoff appointed merchants and Davidoff Flagship stores will be able to carry the cigars in limited quantities.

The points of sale

Davidoff Exclusive Editions will be for sale on five continents, two more than last year. These continents are Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. The production is limited with a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 800 boxes, depending on the release.

North American points of sale are The Cigar Shop Biloxi (Mississippi), Churchill’s in Birmingham (Michigan), and Cuban Crafters in Miami (Florida). Plus two locations in Texas, Silver Leaf in Fort Worth and Habana House in Austin. All of the American locations have their own blend. In South America, 300 boxes go to three Davidoff retailers in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. Another 300 boxes are going to the Caruso lounge in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

There will be two releases for Africa. Retailers in Abidjan, Ivory Coast are getting boxes. Just like cigar specialists and five-star hotels in Morocco. Asia sees the return of the Davidoff Exclusive Edition for China and Dubai. New are the editions for Taiwan, Tokyo, and Beirut. Italy, Germany, London, and Geneva are getting Davidoff Exclusive Editions too.



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