Date: April 2021
Author: Inspector Z

DAV Cigars expanding international distribution. The small Dominican brand of long-time friends Armen Caprielian, Val Atakhanian, and Pedro ‘Tico’ Ramon Fermin is moving into the Middle East. But that’s not all, also the Caucasus region is being supplied. Including Russia, Georgia, and Armenia. For Atakhanian and Caprielian a milestone, as they are of Armenian descent. 

“We are expanding throughout the Middle East in leaps and bounds thanks to our amazing distributor Fazco in Bahrain,” says co-founder Armen Caprielian. 

DAV Cigars 

A few years ago, Atakhanian and Caprielian were discussing the state of the cigar industry while enjoying a cigar. That conversation led to a trip to the Dominican Republic. It’s there where they met master blender Pedro ‘Tico’ Ramon Fermin at his small factory in Santiago. After smoking some of his creations, the two New Yorkers knew they found their cigar-making partner. “From the start, we understood each other, and our bond grew quickly. Val and I felt the factory would be the perfect fit. Let us also not forget that quality cigars are the bottom line. And boy did we hit the jackpot! We absolutely fell in love with the cigars, and we knew then and there that this was going to be the partnership!” Caprielian continues.

The cigars are on the shelves of retailers in the USA for a little over three years now. With Georgia, Russia, Armenia, and the Middle East DAV Cigars is taking their first steps into the big international market. But the guys are planning more, they are ready to hit the European market as soon as the covid-19 pandemic is over.

Boutique Cigar Association

Armen Caprielian is also active for the Boutique Cigar Association as treasurer. And he is the co-host of the Protecting the Legacy podcast with Dr. Gaby Kafie of Kafie 1901 Cigars.


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