Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Daughters of the wind gets skinny. Jeremy Casdagli is adding a 7½ x39 Lancero to the Daughters of the Wind line. The cigars will be introduced in September, at the Intertabac trade show.

Casdagli discovered two tobaccos he was unfamiliar with. And after tasting them, he thought they would be amazing as a Daughters of the Wind Lancero. Those tobaccos are from Peru and the Dominican Republic, but a type of tobacco that’s not been used often.

Ministry of Cigars Daughters of the wind gets skinny
Photo courtesy of Casdagli Cigars

Daughters of the wind

Last year, Casdagli Cigars relaunched the Daughters of the Wind brand. They did that due to high demand from the Middle East. At first, the Daughters of the wind was a limited release. But the feedback was so positive, that in 2018, it was time to release them as regular production.

That the demand from the Middle East was so high isn’t a surprise. The whole line is based upon a famous Arab poem. That poem, daughters of the wind, was written in the 6th century. And it was the inspiration for Casdagli when he was blending the cigars.

The cigars are made in Costa Rica in an exclusive Boutique factory. The exact blend has not been revealed. Except that it has Pinar tobacco from Peru and Caramelo from the Dominican Republic. The packaging has not been revealed either.

Ministry of Cigars Daughters of the wind gets skinny

Not only does the line get a new vitola, the packaging changed as well. Instead of jars of 12 cigars, as pictured above, the cigars will come in boxes from now on. Those are 12 count boxes. The rings also got an update. The new packaging changes are per direct.

Ministry of Cigars Casdagli Daughters of the wind boxes

Casdagli Cigars is being distributed all over the world, from the United States to Asia, from the Middle East to Europe.

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