Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Dapper Cigar Company finds distributor for The Netherlands. That distributor is Kelch Trading, who recently took over the distribution business from Cigar Agent. And now they are adding new brands, Dapper Cigars is the first new addition.

Dapper Cigar Company was founded in California in 2013. And for the last six years, the company has been building the brand by releasing several different lines. Their best seller in the United States is the Cubo brand.

Cubo Cigars

The Cubo brand comes in three different blends. Those are the Cubo Claro, the Cubo Maduro, and the Cubo Sumatra.

Cubo Claro is made in Esteli, Nicaragua. The factory responsible is Tabacaleras Carreras S.A. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Connecticut Desflorado. The binder is Habano from Jalapa, Nicaragua. The filler tobaccos come from Nicaragua too. Dapper cigar Company uses tobacco from the Oliva Tobacco Company, not to be mistaken for the Oliva Cigar Company. The leaves come from Esteli and Condega. Three sizes are available. Those are a 5×50 Robusto, a 6×50 Toro, and a 6×56 Gordo.

Tabacaleras Carreras S.A. also produces the Cubo Maduro. They come in the same three sizes as the Cubo Claro. The filler tobaccos are from Jalapa and Condega, Nicaragua. The binder is from Jalapa as well. For the wrapper, Dapper Cigar Company went to the Turrent family in Mexico to purchase some San Andres Negro.

The final Cubo blend is the Sumatra. These cigars are made at Nicaragua America Cigars, S.A. (NACSA) in Esteli, Nicaragua. The production is under the watchful eyes of Raul Disla. Daul is the brother of Nica Sueño co-owner and RoMa Craft master blender, Esteban Disla. The cigars are made with three different Nicaraguan leaves plus a Connecticut Broadleaf filler. The binder comes from Jalapa as well. The wrapper is a Sumatra Rosado from Ecuador. There are four vitolas. Those are a 5⅝x45 Corona and a 4½x50 Robusto plus a 6⅛x50 Toro and a 6×54 Gordo.

Ministry of Cigars Dapper Cigars finds distributor for The Netherlands
Cubo Claro

Other Dapper lines

A newly announced line is the Desvalido. This line was supposed to be launched in July 2018. But the deadline wasn’t made and a new release date hasn’t been revealed yet. The blend and vitolas are undisclosed so far. The only thing that Dapper revealed was that Raul Disla was involved. And that means that the cigars are made at NACSA.

El Borracho is also made at NACSA. The fillers come from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. The Habano Rosado binder comes from Jalapa as well. The wrapper is a Mexican San Andres Natural wrapper. The cigars are available in a 5×50 robusto and a 6×54 Toro. There’s also a box pressed 5½x52 Edmundo available.

There is also a Maduro version, the El Borracho Maduro. Made at the same factory, again under the supervision of Disla. And again in the same three regular production sizes. The blend consists of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper from the United States. The Habano Rosado binder comes from Jalapa. The fillers come from Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli.

NACSA is also responsible for La Madrina. This is a three size line, with a 5⅝x50 Robusto, a 5¼x54 Toro, and a 5⅝x46 Corona Gorda. The Cuban seed Habano wrapper comes from Ecuador. The binder is from San Andres, Mexico. The fillers come from Esteli and Jalapa in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Pennsylvania in the United States. 

The final line is Siempre. This line is also made at NACSA. It’s made from Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The binder comes from the United States and is Connecticut Broadleaf. The wrapper is a Sun Grown Sumatra from Ecuador.

Ministry of Cigars Dapper Cigars El Borracho Maduro
El Borracho Maduro

Kelch Trading

We reached out to both Dapper Cigar Company and Kelch Trading to enquire which lines and which sizes would be available in The Netherlands. Dapper did not reply, Kelch Trading however explained that all seven blends are coming over for a test. The shops Tabakado in Eindhoven and De Oude Tijd in Utrecht will be selling the robusto and the toro. Prices will be between €7 and €9. After a test period, Kelch Trading will decide which of the blends will be imported and distributed permanently.

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