October 2020

Dapper Cigar Co reveals Desvalido. That’s Cuban slang for people without hope or someone who never has the chance to make it. In a statement on the Dapper Cigar Co website, founder Ian Reith writes “Desvalido… roughly translating to “Those without hope” in Cuban Spanish. Without a doubt, Desvalido is the cigar I’ve dreamed of making for years. But without the right tobacco, time, connections, and dare I say…. hope. Through time, energy, and relentlessness this cigar became a reality.”

Ministry of Cigars - Dapper Cigar Co reveals Desvalido

Regular production

The Dapper Cigars Desvalido is a regular production cigar. Over the last few years, the cigar is seen on several occasions as an event-only cigar. Those are test blends, and test batches that all have different blends. The blend in the regular production is based on those test batches and feedback from cigar smoking friends and relations.

The blend consists of a Habano Rosado wrapper from Ecuador. The binder comes from the United States. There are four tobaccos in the filler, of which one remains a company secret. The filler tobaccos are from Jalapa and Esteli in Nicaragua. The third component in the filler is USA grown Connecticut broadleaf. The only thing Dapper Cigar Company reveals about the fourth tobacco is that it’s relatively new and that Dapper Cigars never used it before.

The blend is the brainchild and hard work of Ian Reith, Raul Disla, and blenders from the Oliva Tobacco Company. Oliva Tobacco Company is one of the largest growers of tobacco for premium cigars in the world with farms in many countries. Most of the tobaccos in the Desvalido come from the Oliva Tobacco Company, yet not all. Raul Disla is the manager of NACSA. That is the factory responsible for Dapper Cigars production. Disla is also the blender for Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Unstolen Valor.

Sizes and release date

Desvalido is available in four different vitolas. The 6⅛x52 Toro debuted as part of the Privada Club monthly cigar subscription. This month another size will debut through a monthly cigar club. At the end of the month, all four sizes are available to retailers and international distributors for Dapper Cigars. The sizes are the already mentioned toro, a 5×50 Robusto, 6½x46 Lonsdale, and a 6¾x54 Double Corona. All sizes come in boxes of 20 cigars.

With the news that Dapper Cigar Co reveals Desvalido, a project of several years is finally fulfilled. We reviewed La Madrina Robusto and Siempre Sun Grown Toro from Dapper Cigar Company.

Ministry of Cigars - Dapper Cigar Co reveals Desvalido

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