February 2020

Daniel Marshall introduces a new Fuente made DM cigar. The DM 38th Anniversary cigars were introduced at the Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Daniel Marshall and Carlos Fuente are friends and entrepreneurs. This cigar symbolizes their 38 years of friendship.

The collaboration

In speaking on their collaboration, Fuente told Marshall, “I want to do something for you very, very special. I am making a cigar for you, which I do for no one, to commemorate our long time friendship and my highest respect and admiration for you and your story. It’s an honor to be able to participate with you on this special anniversary. I poured my heart into every detail, hoping to make you proud. I will give you my best.”

Ministry of Cigars - Daniel Marshall introduces a new Fuente made DM cigar

Both names stand for quality and luxury within the cigar industry. Marshall and Fuente worked three years on this extremely limited edition cigar. After the Modern Day Campfire at the Kitzbuhel Country Club, the cigars were revealed for the first time. 

Ministry of Cigars - Daniel Marshall introduces a new Fuente made DM cigar
Kitzbühel 2020 Daniel Marshall and the new cigar

“This cigar is an homage to friendship,” Marshall says in a press release. “Carlos and I grew up together from boys to men sharing similar values, commitment to quality and an unrelenting quest for the best. What joins us together, the golden thread that runs through our veins and drives us to live our dreams is a commitment to creativity in all we do a richness of character and generosity of spirit”.

Marshall and Fuente’s friendship has flourished since their meeting in 1982. They both toured the United States with Marvin Shanken’s Cigar Aficionado Magazine, exhibiting at the “Big Smoke Events” that led to worldwide cigar education, thereby igniting the cigar boom. Both Fuente and Marshall have received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Ministry of Cigars - Daniel Marshall introduces a new Fuente made DM cigar
Carlos Fuente and Daniel Marshall in 1995


The “Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar, Limited Edition 2020” will be made available to collectors at select world-wide Daniel Marshall Campfire events. It will also be allocated to 38 of the world’s top tobacconists and iconic hotels, representing one location for every year Marshall has been a part of the cigar world. The rare DM-Fuente Cigar can be collected from Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, London, France, Belgium, Germany, Dubai, Qatar and for a limited time in the United States. Marshall will be hosting his signature “Modern Day Campfire” events at each of the 38 international destinations. We will post the dates of the Modern Day Campfires on the birthday and event calendar on the left side of the main page.

Designed by Marshall and Fuente, each humidor is individually numbered. The distinctive rounded black edging and Marshall’s trademark “1000 coat finish” accentuate the beauty of the rare woods. Marshall chose Macassar ebony as this was the wood he used to create his very first humidor for Dunhill. The DM humidor will hold 8 of the DM XXXVIII Anniversary Cigars and includes a removable Spanish cedar tray that can increase the capacity to 16 cigars. The collectible humidors are embellished with a golden DM motif on the top as well as on the front in gold – “Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente – XXXVIII Limited Edition January 2020.” Each cigar is crafted by one artisan in the Chateau de la Fuente and is blended with tobaccos up to 12 years old and then aged a minimum of one year after rolling in special cedar vaults. 

Marshall emphasized, “The DM XXXVIII by Carlos Fuente cigars are precious, they represent everything I look for in a cigar, effortless draw, rich and smooth taste, a cigar that comes alive. I told Carlos, ‘With this cigar, I am torn. Half of me wants to light it, half of me wants to eat it.” Fuente responded, “Brother, it is good enough to eat.” The super-premium XXXVIII is made in one vitola, Torpedo – a classic favorite of Marshall and Fuente. The pyramid shape is treasured because the tapered head allows the complex flavors of the cigar to marry in the mouth. In this coveted jewel, you can taste time.

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  1. Who is your agent / supplier in Qatar?

    1. We are a news outlet, we do not supply cigars. The best course of action is to e-mail Daniel Marshall Cigars.

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