Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Daniel Marshall collaborates with Florida Sun Grown. Marshall is making 10 unique, historical humidors. The humidors are made from antique tobacco stakes that have been in use for nearly half a century. As Marshall says “If wood could talk, the stories this humidor would tell…”. With this collaboration, Marshall and Jeff Borysiewicz raise the bar when it comes to historical humidors. Borysiewicz is the owner of Corona Cigar Company and the grower of Florida Sun Grown Tobacco. 

The idea

Borysiewicz and Marshall met up in Las Vegas for whisky and cigars. Corona Cigars already sells the Balvenie Whisky Stave humidors that Marshall makes. These humidors he crafts from 50-year-old port cask staves. These rare staves come from the Balvenie distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. The 21-year-old Balvenie used to age in these barrels. The master coopers select the oldest, most weathered barrels with the 50-year-old iron strap marks to give to Marshall for these humidors. Borysiewicz came up with the idea to create something like this but with tobacco history.

For centuries, tobacco growers use stakes to hang tobacco to dry. In those curing barns, the tobacco turns from green to brown. The stakes that Borysiewicz is using at his Florida Sun Grown farm in Clermont are hard a century old. Even though the Florida Sun Grown tobacco farm is only a few years old, they have these old stakes. They got them from Connecticut, where they have been in use since the 1970s. And now the stakes are turned into beautiful, one of a kind, unique humidors by master humidor builder Daniel Marshall. 

Numbers and signed

Each humidor is individually numbered, and handmade in California by world-renowned humidor creator Daniel Marshall. There are only 10 of these unique humidors and Daniel Marshall hand-signs them. Each humidor is unique with different variations of color and texture. Over the years, the oils of tobacco are absorbed by the wood. Combined with the weather, it makes each stake look different. Marshall selected the stakes to create beautiful patterns. Each humidor comes with a golden plaque with the FSG hallmark.

Each limited edition humidor will include a box of Florida Sun Grown Cigars. But also a bottle of Eagle Rare Corona Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon. And accessories from FSG. An FSG Ashtray, FSG Tabletop Lighter, FSG Cutter, and Cigar Rest. It also comes with Corona Cigar Glencairn Whisky glasses, a ticket to the 2021 Barn Smoker as well as a signed, recently published hardbound book, called “38 YEARS.” Told in DM’s own words, this book pictorially chronicles Daniel Marshall’s story from a 19-year-old boatbuilder/sailor to building an international brand with a reputation for quality and trust. 

Ministry of Cigars - Daniel Marshall collaborates with Florida
the Daniel Marshall 38 years book

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