Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Dalay releases limitada as a tribute to ancient tobacco history. The people from the German distributor and retail shop Dalay are true cigar geeks, and one of the questions they always asked themselves “how did cigars taste, back in the day, when tobacco was just discovered? What was the flavor, without the modern day fertilizers and pesticides that are being used to grow bigger, healthier crops?”

To answer that question, master blender Michael Grossklos went on a mission to create such a cigar with only one goal. To create a fantastic cigar, and not concerning about the total numbers of boxes that could be made, not concerning profit margins, only the flavor of the cigar was important. And with that, and only that, in mind, he created the Dalay Limitada 2019 Robusto Extra.

The cigar, which measures 5 1/2 x54, is a Dominican puro. The blend is made with six types of tobacco, all original types of Caribbean seeds that have not been cross-bred with other, more robust seeds. Of course, that means lower resistance to pests and lower yield, yet the aroma is much richer, the flavors are stronger and that makes the tobacco worth the extra effort in labor, time and care.

The tobaccos are a beautiful mix of young and oily tobacco with well aged, mild and smooth tobaccos. That combination creates a unique flavor profile that can’t be found in any other cigars.

To stay close to the origin of the cigars, Dalay decided to stay away from lacquered or pained wood. Katharina Bregenzer designed boxes of unfinished high-quality Spanish cedar. The boxes are polished with organic beeswax. Because of the untreated wood on the inside, the boxes are perfect for aging cigars.

Tabacalera Altagrácia, founded by two Austrian aficionados, is responsible for the manufacturing of the cigars. And they went for the most traditional way, only using the classic tools to create this limited edition. 4000 cigars were made, 200 boxes of 20. The MSRP is €15 and the cigars are exclusively available at Dalay Zigarren. The company is known to ship abroad though, so the cigars are available for non-German brothers and sisters of the leaf.

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