Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Custom cigar accessories by Jessi Flores. A few months ago, Jessi Flores announced he would be leaving Drew Estate. For the last twenty years, the Nicaraguan artist was a big part of the company with his art. And because of his involvement with Jonathan Drew, a whole new generation of Nicaraguan artists got the chance to develop themselves in the Subculture collective.

Flores and Drew met at a gas station in Esteli, Nicaragua. Drew invited Flores to hang out, and a while later Drew saw the artistic talent of Flores. From that, friendship and business relation grew. With Drew’s crazy personality and love for art, and Flores’s talent, the duo changed the cigar game forever. Graffiti and art became a part of the DNA of Drew Estate, and with that, a part of the cigar culture.

Ministry of cigars Custom cigar accessories by Jessi Flores
Graffiti wall at the Gran Fabrica Drew Estate by Flores & Subculture Studios

Subculture Studios

Flores had the freedom to create a collective of Nicaraguan artists, Subculture Studios, as a subsidiary of Drew Estate. And Subculture Studios produced a lot of art. For the Drew Diplomat app and for Drew Estate appointed merchants. But also for visitors of the IPCPR and Intertabac trade shows. From hand painted cigar molds to painted tobacco leaves. From old skateboards turned to art, to old spray cans with unique Drew Estate designs, every year the creative mastermind came up with something new.

For years, lucky visitors of the Drew Estate cigar safari had their chance to get Flores and his team to customize their cigar caddy, shoes or other personal items with one of a kind artwork. But now, so can you! Without having to go to Nicaragua, although we do advise you to go anyway.

Flores showing his skills on the leather cigar cases

Custom made artwork

Flores is now making custom artwork on leather travel humidors. And those are available for everybody to purchase. The travel cases are from Ortez Design. Made from royal cedar and bovine leather. It holds 4 Churchill sized cigars and has pouches for all your accessories. The outside can be painted with Jessi Flores artwork, but you will be able to specify your design wishes. So if you want a unique, one of a kind, Jessi Flores original? And to have a conversation piece at every cigar gathering you go to? Surf to the Ortez store, mail your wishes to Jessi and get yourself a piece of cigar art.

Custom cigar case made for the Cigar Cartel Facebook group

Flores is active on all social media. You can follow him on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Subculture Studios, which was founded by Flores, is on Facebook too. In an e-mail to us, Flores said he has plenty of more ideas and new art should be available soon. Different ventures are coming, Flores assured.

Ministry of Cigars Custom cigar accessories by Jessi Flores

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