Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Cumpay cigars drop in price in Switzerland. The distributor, Royal Cigar Company, can lower the prices on their selection of Cumpay cigars with an average of 9 percent. The price drop varies from 4 percent to 13 percent, depending on the vitola of the cigar.

Maya Selva

The Tawakha Indians once lived in Central America. And their word for rolled-up tobacco leaves was Cumpay. In 1999, Maya Selva decided to use that word for her new line. A Nicaraguan Puro rolled in the factory she runs with the Plasencia family. Plasencia owns the factory, but Maya Selva is completely in charge of the tobacco, fermentation, and production of the cigars under the Maya Selva umbrella. Those brands are Flor de Selva, Villa Zamorano, and Cumpay.

Where Flor de Selva and Villa Zamorano often celebrate Selva’s Honduran heritage, the Cumpay brand is 100% Nicaraguan. The line consists of 6 sizes, five of which are available in Switzerland. And there is a single size Maduro version of the Cumpay, but that cigar is not available in Switzerland either.

The new prices

As mentioned, some prices drop with 4 percent while others drop with 13 percent. The average price drop is 9 percent
Cumpay Robusto (4½x50) from 8.50 CHF to 8.. CHF (-5.9%)
Cumpay Robusto in a tube (4½x50) from 10.00 CHF to 9.00 CHF (-10%)
Cumpay Volcan (5×60) from 10.80 CHF to 9.90 CHF (-8.3%)
Cumpay No.15 (5½x54) from 11.50 CHF to 10.00 CHF (-13%)
Cumpay Corona (5½x42) from 8.00 CHF to 7.50 CHF (-6.3%)
Cumpay Churchill (7×48) from 9.90 CHF to 9.50 CHF (-4%)
Cumpay Churchill in a tube (7×48) from 12.00 CHF to 10.50 CHF (-12.5%)

Ministry of Cigars - Cumpay cigars drop in price in Switzerland.

In a world with ever-increasing tax and inflation, seeing some cigar prices actually drop is a good thing for the Swiss brothers and sisters of the leaf.

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