December 2023

In a historic restaurant on Dostoevsky Street in St. Petersburg, the Russian cigar named “Dostoevsky” was unveiled for the first time in late October.

This unique cigar brand pays tribute to the Dostoevsky brothers—Mikhail Dostoevsky (1820-1864), a writer, translator, publisher, and tobacco manufacturer, and his renowned younger brother, the literary giant and cigar enthusiast Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881).

The presentation of the Dostoevsky cigar, attended by Dmitry Dostoevsky, the great-grandson of Fyodor Dostoevsky, showcased the following details:
• Wrapper: Madura Natural Jalapa (Nicaragua)
• Binder: Banda Viso Condega (Nicaragua)
• Filler: Jalapa, Condega (Nicaragua), and Seco (Cuba)
• Vitola: Favoritas, RG 52 x 145 mm

Crafted by the Pogar cigarette-cigar factory, the Russian cigar “Dostoevsky” features an original blend of Nicaraguan and Cuban tobaccos aged for three years, with fermentation and aging taking place in barrels containing a unique, long-term distillate of brandy, generously provided by the DERBEND DISTILLERY. This distinctive blend reflects the rich literary and tobacco legacy of the Dostoevsky brothers, creating a cigar that stands as a testament to their cultural and historical significance.

It is unlikely to see this cigar on the international markets any time soon due to the trade embargo against Russia by many western countries as repercussions for the invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

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