November 2020

Culebra a new accessory brand. There is a new accessory brand on the market with the name Culebra. It is a collaboration between an Asian cigar merchant and a Spanish leather manufacturer. The first prototypes are for sale at a few locations in Singapore. The prototype is a leather cigar case for two cigars up to ring 56 cigars. The carriers are available in blue and brown leather.

The size of the carrier is exactly the same as the Elie Bleu leather cigar case. The difference is that the Elie Bleu is hand-painted. The leather cigar from Culebra isn’t hand-painted, which results in a much lower price. 

More to come

Culebra says that if the prototypes are getting the feedback that the company wants, other sizes will follow. Culebra means snake, but in the cigar industry, it refers to three long and thin cigars tied together. That’s why Culebra is also designing a cigar case for three cigars. The company also has plans to release a special leather cigar case for lancero sizes, but those plans aren’t set in stone yet. Other options are left open, both in the field of cigar cases in other materials or accessories such as lighters, cutters, punches for example.

We have one of the Culebra leather cigar cases and we are impressed with the quality. The leather is stiff, meaning that the cigars are well protected. The seal is very good. It’s large enough to comfortably fit a Toro sized cigar, without being too bulky. The lining is smooth. The stitches are fine and straight as an arrow. This is a beautiful piece of quality leatherwork

Spanish leather

Spain has a long history of excellence in the field of leatherware. Spanish brands continue to thrive thanks to a focus on traditional craftsmanship and imaginative design. Most of the small, yet vibrant, leather industry are located in Catalonia. The rest comes from Valencia and Murcia. It’s not just cattle leather, but goatskin and sheepskin leather from Spain is amongst the best in the world. Only the high-end brands use Spanish leather, the mainstream brands get leather from low-cost countries. But the Spanish quality is unrivaled.

“The fact remains that today, in Spain, the quality of production is very high regardless of the type of leather, whether hide or sheepskin, but the dominant part is linked to the cows,” says Carlos Riba, CEO of Riba Guixa and vice-president of Acexpiel, the association of Spanish tanners. And that Culebra is working with a Spanish partner says all about the quality they want to offer to their customers.

Photo credit header photo by Lingchor on Unsplash

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