June 2019

Cuesta Rey, Brick House and Quorum for The Netherlands. A few days ago, we broke the news that J.C. Newman changed distributors in The Netherlands. They are back with Longfiller Company, the distributor that introduced Cuesta Rey to The Netherlands decades ago.

And now we know what assortment will be sold in The Netherlands as a start. Three brands will be released at first: Cuesta Rey, Brick House, and Quorum.

Arturo Fuente

J.C. Newman has factories in the United States and Nicaragua. But they also have Dominican made cigars. Tabacalera Arturo Fuente is responsible for production. The companies have close ties for several decades. And one of the Fuente made Newman cigars is Cuesta Rey. And that is one of the brands Longfiller Company will carry.

The distributor picked the Cuesta Rey Centenario line to be released first. The Centenario has Dominican binder and filler. The wrapper is either Connecticut Shade or Broadleaf. The following sizes will come to The Netherlands:
7¼x48 Aristocrat in tubes €130 per box of 10
4½x50 Robusto #7 in both Maduro and Natural € 9,50 
6×50 Dominican #60 in both Maduro and Natural €11,00
6¼x52 Pyramid #9  in both Maduro and Natural €12,00

The Aristocrats will only be sold per box. That’s because of the strict legislation around packaging in The Netherlands. By selling them per box only, tubes aren’t considered as packaging and won’t have to be individually wrapped in ugly stickers. 

The other three vitolas will be available in ‘mixed boxes’ with 5 Maduro and 5 Natural cigars. The prices of those ‘mixed boxes’ are €75 for the Robusto #7. The Dominican #60 will cost €85 in a mixed box. And the Pyramid #9 mixed box will get a price tag of €100.

Ministry of Cigars Cuesta Rey  Brick House
photo credit Corona Cigars


In Nicaragua, J.C. Newman owns the PENSA factory. That’s where they roll all the Nicaraguan made Newman cigars. Those are Brick House, Alcazar, Quorum, Don Jose, Don Seville, El Baton, and Perla Del Mar. Two of those brands will be distributed for now, Brick House and Quorum.

Brick House is named after the brick house in Slovakia, where Julius Caesar Newman lived before he left for the United States as a child. It was a tavern where the townsmen gathered and the Newman family lived on the first floor. It was the only brick house in town. The brand originally appeared in the 1930s and died because of the Cuban embargo. But the brand was resurrected by the current generation of Newman a few years ago. 

Two of the three Brick House bends will be available in The Netherlands. The Brick House Maduro and the Brick House Classic. The Classic blend is made from Nicaragua tobacco with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The Maduro blend swaps that wrapper for Brazilian Arapiraca. Both blends will come in a Robusto with a price tag of €170 per box of 25. The Toro will be €180 per box of 25. And the 6¼x60 Mighty Mighty has been priced at €200 per box. Singles are available too.

photo credit Corona Cigars

Qurum bundles

Quorum are most likely the best-sold bundle cigar in the world. Handmade cigars for an extremely low price. And with Scandinavian Tobacco Group removing the Reposado bundles from the Longfiller Company portfolio, Quorum will fill that gap. 

Two blends will make it to the Dutch market.

Those are the Quorum Classic and the Quorum Shade. The Quorum Classic is a Nicaraguan cigar with a Sumatra wrapper. That blend will come in a 5½x43 Corona (€8 per bundle) and the 3½x50 Short Robusto for the same price. The 4¾x50 Robusto will be priced at 9 Euro. The 7×48 Churchill will be €11 for a bundle of 5 cigars.

The Quorum Shade has Nicaraguan filler and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade binder. The wrapper is a sun grown Sumatra. This blend will come in three sizes. Those are the Short Robusto and the Corona for €8 per pack. And the Robusto for €9 per pack. The distributor expects the cigars to be available in a few weeks. 

Ministry of Cigars Quorum
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