Date: July 2023
Author: Inspector Y

The Cuban cigar industry is really in a bad shape when you know that they are now relying on limited editions of the machine made cigars, such as the Montecristo Short and the Cohiba Short in special boxes for the Year of the Rabbit. But it can even be worse as Promocigar S.L. and TimeCigar jointly released a Cuban Mini Cigar — Guantanamera Coronas Tubo Gold Edition. It is exclusively tailored for the Asian market.

This corona, machine made out of short filler tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo and Vuelta Ariba, measures 150mm in length with a ring of 41. According to the press release, this limited edition combines all the Cuban cigar heritages and traditions with the top exclusivity and sophistication of its presentation making it an ideal product for all Asian cigar lovers, but serious cigar smokers know the reputation and quality of Guantanamera and know that this brand is far from quality.

The packaging is top notch, better than the cigars deserve. Five tubes are presented in an exclusive carton pack, decorated with high quality finishings, gold colour details and the image of Cuban musicians on it.

The press release mentions four reasons why consumers should buy the cigars, but we take those points with a grain of salt.

1. 100% Cuban tobacco leaves: Sourced from Vuelta Abajo and Vuelta Ariba in Cuba;
2. 100% tailored for Asian consumers’ palate: Flavours have been fully optimized for Asian by Promocigar S.L.;
3. Golden Deluxe Design: Protected by individual gold aluminium tubes with gold foil stamping on the ring and packing;
4. Superb Touch: The cigar is designed in a “Coronas” style that provides the taste and feel of a classic Cuban cigar.

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