September 2019

Cuban cigar roller and competition in Kuala Lumpur. The Cuban torcedor Dariel Fournier Hernandez is traveling to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. He will be showing his skills at the La Casa del Habano Kuala Lumpur. The La Casa del Habano Kuala Lumpur is located at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The master cigar roller will be in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, September 18, Thursday, September 19, and Friday, September 20. All cigar aficionados are invited to come by the shop and watch Dariel Fournier Hernandez roll cigars. And possibly even buy fresh rolled Cuban cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - Cuban cigar roller and competition in Kuala Lumpur

More than just rolling

On Friday the 20th, La Casa del Habano Kuala Lumpur is spicing things up. Starting at 8 pm, there will be a cigar rolling competition for a limited number of participants. Dariel Fournier Hernandez will guide the competitors through the art of cigar rolling. And then will pick a winner, the best cigar rolled during the competition. There are prizes to be won, although La Casa del Habano hasn’t revealed what prizes yet.

As we had the chance to give cigar rolling a chance on several occasions, we know how hard it is. Out first attempt was during the first Habanos day in The Netherlands. Under the guidance of Habanos roller Jimmy Sotolongo, we rolled a cigar that looked like a twig, broken off a tree. And in the My Father factory in Esteli, we participated in a competition where we had to apply the wrapper. In both cases, it became clear we are better at writing about cigars than making them.

To get tickets for the rolling competition, contact the La Casa del Habano Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are 120 RM and include a fresh rolled Cuban cigar, light refreshments, 2 drinks, cigar rolling demonstration and a spot in the competition. And with our experience, we challenge all cigar aficionados in Kuala Lumpur to enter the competition. After trying to roll your own cigar, you’ll appreciate the art even more.

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