Date: September 2019
Author: Inspector Z

CSWC changes cigar supplier. For the last few years, the biggest cigar competition in the world was supplied by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. The official cigar for the Cigar Smoking World Championship was the Macanudo Inspirado Mareva. But that will change. CSWC and Scandinavian Tobacco Group mutually decided that it was best for the CSWC to make some changes. That way, the competition would stay fresh. Bilic mentioned being very grateful to Scandinavian Tobacco and Macanudo for helping him making CSWC grow and the door open for future collaborations.

Bilic mentioned he had several offers from a number of companies. Yesterday, during the CSWC finals in Split, Croatia, Bilic introduced his new supplier . And that supplier is Rocky Patel. Rocky Patel’s managing director Europe, Kolja Kukuk posted a picture on his Facebook account of the new, CSWC branded, Rocky Patel cigars.

Ministry of Cigars CSWC changes cigar sponsor
the new Rocky Patel CSWC cigars

What’s new and what remains

Rocky Patel has created a new blend for the CSWC cigars. But the vitola remains the same. From day one, the cigars have been a Mareva size. That’s a 5⅛x42 Petit Corona. In the first few years of the competition, the competition cigar was a Montecristo #4. Then the Macanudo Inspirado Mareva became the official competition cigar. And now Rocky Patel is the official supplier for the competition. And the supplier for the competition cigar. It is expected that Rocky Patel will make the CSWC blend commercially available. For the serious contenders, that would be a big plus because they can actually practice with the competition cigar.

In our conversation in March with Marko Bilic, we briefly spoke about a new blend for every year. As for now, it is unclear whether Rocky Patel and CSWC are releasing a new competition cigar each year. An official press statement hasn’t been released yet. The blend of the new cigar is undisclosed for now. It’s also not clear if Bilic and Patel are planning to create a whole line with several sizes under the CSWC name or that the Mareva will be the only size released. Once more information is released, we will update the article.

CSWC has more sponsors and suppliers, such as the Swiss watch Cuervo y Sobrinos and the French Les Fines Lames. Dupont Lighters, Boveda, Havana Club, Chivas, and Cigar Journal are amongst the sponsors too. Rocky Patel will replace Macanudo for next year’s competition.

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